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John varvatos -- how does it compare?

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I regularly see John Varvatos clothes selling for about 75-90% off sticker price at Filene's Basement -- stuff like $260 sweaters selling for $39. Mountains of $100-200 shirts and pants selling for $29-49. The colors are always muted beige, brown, dark green, black, perhaps some dark blue, etc. Nothing bright. Some nice designs. Everything appears to be machine made of nice, but not great fabrics. Where do you put Varvatos in the clothing heirarchy? What do they compare to?
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I think I remember someone on this board saying that Varvatos is part of Nautica. Kind of a higher-end offering from Nautica I suppose. A Google search seems to confirm this. His designs seem to be military-inspired: as you noted, the line seems very neutral in color.
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I think the Varvatos stuff is a step down from the Purple Label sport clothes, but for a lot of things I'd put it WAY ahead of Zegna soft. You can't beat the deals for the $29 - $49 for some of that stuff at the Basement. I picked up a pair of brown cords that are untailored (I love that) and I think the fabric is brilliant. The color is the perfect shade of brown and the fit is fantastic. Made in Italy, for whatever that's worth. Haven't worn or washed them yet, so I can't help you there. But I certainly think you are getting a steal if you get basics that you need (mainly pants) from Varvatos for less than $50 (I got my cords for $45).
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For those prices, it seems unquestionable. I would definitely investigate it further. I have always been more fond than less of Varvatos clothing.
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I like Varvatos. Nice designs, and the quality is fine, especially if you're only paying Basement prices. I had an opportunity to purchase a thin 100% wool v-neck sweater in charcoal by Varvatos at Marshall Fields. Retail price was $300, but I could have had it for $42...good deal in my book. Unfortunately, it was a Large and I take a medium; it was a hair too big.
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As an aside, I do own one fall/winter sweater from Varvatos. It's a reversible job, where you can choose between gray or black. I'm not sure where it stacks up quality-wise against other designers, but it's one of my favorite sweaters, especially for travelling (one less to pack&#33.
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I was just starting to like Varvatos, but I will end that immediately if it is affiliated with Nautica.
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Varvatos/Nautica link Apparently Nautica also owns the tiresomely mediocre, wannabe-high end Earl Jeans line as well.
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i don't see it...is there some hidden information that i need to register there to see?
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Google cache showed it, but for some reason the main link didn't. I replaced it with another link by editing on the fly. Maybe it's outdated, I haven't kept up.
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nautica does financially back john varvatos last i read, however, due to nautica's poor financial performance, nautica was looking at selling their interest in varvatos, which can't be good news for him however, i really don't think financial backing by nautica has had a negative impact on varvatos, in fact, it helped him create a more available line i think his clothes are of a fine quality for what they are, certainly the design, colours and fit of his line is admirable and while we're on the subject, what of the sean john company backing of zac posen?
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John Varvatos used to be a top designer for Ralph Lauren before he went out on his own. Interesting considering how drab all his offerings are compared to the bright Polo colors.
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At $39/shirt, and about $45/sweater, Varvatos is a great value for the dollar (CDN prices). The 2 shirts I have continue to wear well, as does the sweater (v-neck) which has been worn more then hoped for this cool spring and summer. Classic
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Hey Classic, where you getting that stuff for that cheap in Canada? In the Toronto area, I hope...
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Hey Classic, where you getting that stuff for that cheap in Canada?  In the Toronto area, I hope...
hey ranjeev, have you tried 'la firme' on bay? haven't seen varvatos there but they do have good prices on other stuff.. check it out.
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