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Cad & the Dandy - Feedback

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Morning all,


Long time lurker, but first time poster. Apologies up front for it being a bit of a rant.


I recently commissioned a bespoke suit from Cad & the Dandy. Specifically one of their hybrid suits, and a fully bespoke horseshoe waistcoat.


I've bought a few bespoke suits previously but decided to try a different tailor as this suit is for my wedding. From various online forums I'd seen nothing but good feedback on Cad & the Dandy, and I was excited to experience their tailoring as I'd seen them recently on TV. (Sad I know, but I do watch Made in Chelsea!)


Unfortunately my experience thus far has failed to live up to all the hype, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experience or if I've just been unlucky??


Communication has been poor, they are slow to respond to emails and I found when I visited them for my 1st fitting that my waistcoat had been ready for weeks, but that they'd had system issues so hadn't contacted me! Which is very frustrating when I need the suit soon to be able to match ushers & the best mans suit with off the peg suits.


Additionally at my first fitting following email confirmation of time/location I was left hanging around and passed from person to person and left feeling like they were doing me a favour by 'squeezing me in' which is just how I like to feel when I'm buying a bespoke suit!

During this fitting it was clear my waistcoat had been cut incorrectly as measurements were all significantly off. I was at a loss how this could have happened as I was measured twice by different tailors during my initial consultation which in total lasted 2 hours 15 mins! With all that time and measurement you'd think it would be right first time!

I placed my order and had my initial consultation in early April, and was promised the suit for late June, still no sign of the suit and very little communication coming out of Cad and the Dandy.


I'd gone to Cad & the Dandy expecting a 'special' experience, and was really looking forward to it being a fun and exciting lead into the wedding, but have been left frustrated and annoyed.

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They've been fine for me so far: my basted fitting went very well and I was amazed not only at how well things already fitted but at how much more they managed to improve it. Certainly, they aren't always the fastest at answering e-mails, but compared to several other tailors I've dealt with, that seems to be normal. And then again, I don't mind, as I'm not in a hurry. In fact, in general, I think it pays not to be in a hurry when you're dealing with bespoke. I can understand how this doesn't apply in your case though...

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Thanks FlyingMonkey - maybe I've just been a bit unlucky thus far, hopefully it will improve. If the end result is a perfectly fitting suit, I'll forgive the issues this far.

I've been surprised because I'd only ever heard great things about them, hence I chose them over my usual tailors.

Can I ask which branch you visited?
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Did you happen to deal directly with Jon DeBoise for the bespoke piece? I'm guessing he's more receptive than a standard CATD salesperson.
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Originally Posted by elliotholder View Post

Can I ask which branch you visited?


Oh, their place upstairs on the Row, where they actually do the bespoke work.

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Ah, I went to the city branch.

No, I was originally scheduled to have a consultation/measurements with John Baker, but unfortunately he wasn't available on the day (was at the Row) so I was passed to Ryan, and another guy who's name I've unfortunately forgotten (I'm awful with remembering names)

Not sure whether Ryan and the other guy who saw me were sales/tailors or otherwise but I was surprised to be there for over two hours for the initial consultation and measurement as I was measured up by both of them.

TBH that's what started to get me worried, and was subsequently reinforced at the first fitting.
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I suspect you were just unlucky.
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I have used them for a number of things and alterations, besides my first visit which was at the their Castle Court location, my visits have been on the Row. I have normally dealt with James, but spoke with Ian for my last order.

In terms of time, I have never given them a certain deadline - my last orders (odd trousers) were ready earlier; nor have I had any communication delays.

I am due to order two more odd-trousers from by the end of July.

Tailors can make mistakes, the important thing is that they correct the mistake.
I once had bespoke trousers made with belt loops when I had requested fishtail-back, the tailor realised the mistake when he asked what type of belts I wear with my trousers, I told him I refer braces for suit trousers. He said there was no point trying on the trousers and got them re-cut.

What was their response about the waistcoat?
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To be fair there was absolutely no quibble about recutting the waistcoat, another one should be with me soon hopefully.

My main frustrations are around communication and just small niggles which have been detrimental to the overall 'experience' of buying a bespoke suit.

I'll hold back final judgements till I have my final suit and waistcoat (hopefully in the next week or so)

How long do they typically take to produce a suit? I was advised 8-10 weeks so hopefully not a problem with them meeting my end June timeline. (Fingers crossed)
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Originally Posted by elliotholder View Post

How long should it typically take to produce a suit? I was advised 8-12 weeks so am expecting I'll have it soon.

Time depends on a number of factors:
Their general turn-around time? - this can vary depending if the product is mtm or bespoke, and what is outsourced and where it is outsourced
How busy they are & if any factory they use are closed for holidays?
If someone is a new customer? - new customers may need more fittings
When you are available for fittings? - if the jacket is ready for a fitting and you are not available, then this can prolong the time

8 to 12 weeks is enough time for a new customer, including a jacket fitting and any minor alterations if required at the end. I do not know if CATD offer more then one fitting (mine was one, but any other bespoke I have had has been more). If a customer needs more fittings or is not available for fittings, then it can take longer . If you advised them of deadline, I am sure they would delivery within the agreed time-frame.

I have had a bespoke suit made within 6 weeks, this was as a new customer: baste and 3 jacket fittings (this included a fitting for trousers and two for the waistcoat). I had a deadline that the tailor accepted, I was available when the fitting was required and everything was cut and made locally - I needed the suit within 8 weeks, he wanted to delivery earlier because he wanted me to wear the suit around the house to see if any minor alterations were required, which were not.
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Hi all,

So I've no picked up my finished suit from CATD.
Pleased with it overall, albeit still not amazed by their customer service or the general buying experience which has been below par throughout.

Thankfully this is somewhat offset by the quality and fit of the suit which is great.

I'm no expert on suits so any feedback welcome. (Sorry quality of pics isn't great I'm not a great photographer either!)

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fine looking fit, just need a pinch a the base of your tie knot! :)

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