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We spend a lot of time enjoying (and posting about) the clothes we own and wear day to day, but this thread begs an important question: what would you wear if you could? Explore your deepest fashion desires, the rarest kops, and share your beautiful, wonderful dreams with all of us. Be careful poster, for you tread on my dreams.


Fashion is Pain


Poster username79 has a troubling dilemma: on one hand, his tailor alters his suit so they look exceptional, but when he wears his great looking clothing for a long time, he’s uncomfortable. What should he do? Is slimming and flattering waist suppression worth the price in comfort? Help!


I’m a Middle-Manager, Get Me Out of Here! 


User zerostyle is in trouble! He’s stuck at a career crossroads and needs your help. What should he do? How can he navigate the dangerous waters of product management and vicious corporate hierarchy?