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The president of the U.S. should wear bespoke Oxxford suits, bespoke Robert Talbot shirts and ties, and AE and Alden shoes. They are all made in the U.S., they are the best products America has to offer and not only will the commander-in-chief look the part, but will also always carry a little bit of what America is capable of. He (ok, the tax payers) would have to purchase the suits at Louis Boston anyways, since they have the only bespoke Oxxford service in the U.S. Jon.
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So the president gets a "clothing fund?" How much per year? And we, the taxpayers, pay for it?
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It's not a "˜clothing fund', he has expenses (and a budget), and we the taxpayers pay for it. Traditionally, the president does not spend money while in office...if he does spend his own coin; it is covered by the WH and he is usually billed for the specific purchase at a later date. You don't actually think that the president purchase his own clothes (whilst in office) do you? Jon.
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So the president gets a "clothing fund?"
Actually, a fund is not necessary; a politician from the home state of each mentioned manufacturer (Wisconsin in A/E's case, for example) will give as a 'gift' the products for the President to wear. The manufacturers use this as a promotion regularly. I don't know about Talbott, but I do in regards to Oxxford, Hickey, Allen Edmonds and, in the past, J&M made a big deal out of this.
And we, the taxpayers, pay for it?
We pay for a lot more than that. I assume everyone knows that the 'Congressional Bank' serves both the House and the Senate, and the law states that no Senator or Representative can bounce a check - we cover them all, and it is common.
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