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Do you buy 2 pairs of pants with every suit? - Page 2

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The short answer is that it makes sense if you are going to wear the suit a good number of times. If you anticipate wearing the suit 100+ times (e.g., once a week throughout the year), then it makes sense. If you foresee wearing it only 3 times, then it makes no sense.

RTW suits used to come with two pairs of pants up until the 1960's or so.

There are a couple of reasons:

a) Men wore suits for both work and leisure activities (going to the ballpark, shopping, going to the movies); and

b) Men and women had fewer clothes, and the clothes that they had were intended to last. There was no concept of "disposable" clothing.

I used to get two trousers, but I no longer do. I found that I have enough suits, and it is unlikely that I shall prematurely wear-out a trouser on a seasonal suit, such as a summer suit.

In sum, if your suit wardrobe is limited, and if you are going to wear a suit frequently (e.g., once a week), then an extra trouser can be useful.
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If you have a relatively small but expensive wardrobe, however, then yes it's probably worth it.



This.  And what Macallan said about work suits.  And what GBR said about this suit.


Discrete workhorse work suits, in charcoals, navies and mid greys, with classical styling.  Why would one possibly forgo the opportunity to extend the life of something that could serve one well for 15+ years?

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If its a bespoke suit, then 2 pairs is a no-brainer. I got one with front pleats and one without to make sure I am covered for changing fashion trends lol.

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I am definitely going to go with an extra pair of pants in the future. I travel a lot and things happen to pants :-)

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I guess it could be a good idea if:

-The style is timeless
-You expect to stay the same size and shape for a long time
-You expect to wear the suit frequently
-The jacket is expensive
-The pants cost <1/4 of the jacket (or something like that)

Seems low-odds gamble that an extra pair of pants will be worth it, unless (as others have said) you have a very small, very expensive wardrobe (which is uncommon).
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