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Do you buy 2 pairs of pants with every suit?

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Hi all,

Just bought this suit off of Jcrew at a steal with the latest discount code.

With the discount, the pants come to only an additional $50 extra, but I wanted to ask - do you ALWAYS buy 2 pairs of pants for every suit (non-bespoke)?

I'm not trying to be cheap here, but wondering if an additional $50 is worth it for another pair of pants for a suit I don't plan on wearing that often. What do you guys advise and what do you do in your own suit purchases?

Thanks! Here's some pics of the suit:

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No, I haven't. But $50 for a spare pair is a good deal. Since pants tend to wrinkle and soil more than the jacket it seems like a practical idea to purchase a second pair. When you dry clean the suit make sure to include the second pair of pants so that any colour change that may happen will be uniform with all the garments.
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Is that you in the suit? Did you have an alteration done to trim the jacket to fit closer?
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No. But that's because I have my welder guy solder in copper crotch plates on the original pair.
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Originally Posted by Despos View Post

Is that you in the suit? Did you have an alteration done to trim the jacket to fit closer?

Pretty sure that's just the model on the website. Is the (poor) pattern alignment along the back seam what caught your eye?

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Haha that is not me in the suit. Stock photo.

I'm just wondering if its worth it to insure against this kind of low payoff, low probability stuff. I think I'm getting into SF group think - seriously want to buy 2 of everything (watches, leather jackets, etc.) so it can "last forever". Anyone else feel this way?
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Its not always (in fact not often) an option with a lot of RTW suits ... If I had the option and it was that cheap I would definitely do it. Remember the jacket is a lot more expensive than the pants in the context of the total price you pay, but if the pants wear through you have a very useless orphan jacket. Though that suit is pretty... dramatic, so depending on your work environment maybe you won't wear it very often at all? In which case, may not really be necessary.

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It is for a decent suit, this is not.
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I've never bought a spare pair of trousers personally. It's something I might consider when I take the plunge and start ordering bespoke, but for reasonably priced MTM and below it's not something I worry too much about. Here you have a suit that you didn't have to pay much for and probably won't wear too often. I'd pass on the spare pants. Maybe if it was a staple suit like a navy or charcoal that you planned to wear frequently, but not for this.
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Non-work suit: no
Work suit: I would get at least spare pair of trousers
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For a cheap suit, there's no point because you can easily buy a new suit for not all that much more. For an expensive suit; well, if you own an expensive suit, you probably own enough of them to wear each one relatively rarely. And you probably like clothes, and enjoy variety. So by the time the trousers wear out, you'll probably be wanting a new suit anyway, so it's a good excuse to order one.


If you have a relatively small but expensive wardrobe, however, then yes it's probably worth it. Whatever "worth it" ever means...


Personally I never get them.


One practical reason I can conceive would be with a 3pc suit. Turning into a 4pc suit gives you a choice of fastening/pleats, depending on whether you wear the waistcoat. With the waistcoat, you might prefer braces and without, you might prefer a belt. By the time you're getting this into clothes, it's nothing to do with wear & tear, however.

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Yes, always.

I alternate the pair of trousers used each time I wear the suit.

I always get both pairs plus the coat cleaned and pressed whenever it's required.
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Yes, for a decent pin / chalk stripe workhorse suit. It is because the jacket is hard to wear alone with other pants. But not for other colour and pattern.
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Agree with everyone in this thread.  Here's my specific take on the issue:


1)  If it's a workhorse suit, then the pants will wear out before the jacket does.  For less than $100, it might be worth it if you live the suit.

2)  If you happen to wear a belt sometimes and braces or you like sidetabs every now and then, perhaps you order the extra pair for flexibility.


Personally, I like having 2 pairs.  1 with the belt loops I use 80% of the time, but sometimes I just want to go sidetabs.  This requires an extra pair.  I would not get an extra pair of pants just to have them around, but I would get an extra pair for different styling.



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