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Thai online tailors

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Does anyone have some experience with some Thai online tailors? I had some ongoing e-mail conversation with and while they operate a great fabric database in their website, their pricing does not seem very transparent. They operate different websites with all different prices, and in an e-mail they do mention that the construction specs could differ from one website to the others (but not really indicated in their different website). If anyone have tried ordering from them, any info would be much appreiciated. In one e-mail they claimed that they are able to produce Saville Row tailoring, that's why I'm curious.
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I really wouldn't recommend ordering online. The one exception would be if you were ordering from a tailor who already had your measurements (if ordering made-to-measure) or who had a paper pattern cut for you (for bespoke). I'd actually have more faith in the former, because more things can go wrong with a true bespoke suit, and bespoke tailors definitely produce more "pigs". Why don't you wait for sale time and head down to NY? In the hands of a good tailor, a ready-to-wear suit can be made to look great on most people. My suits from Sam's in Hong Kong are very nice indeed, but my experience of seeing some of the suits he's done for other people suggests that the client needs to perform his own quality control. You might find this cautionary tale interesting -
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Oh, I definitely won't purchase suits online myself. This is only for shirts and pants. Some people at forum mentioned that the quality from their shop is not bad, although I feel weird about their pricing policy. Plus their products are not really cheap (for a Thai tailor) either so I'd like to hear more about other people's opinion. Thus far the only thing that attracts me is their 'comprehensive' fabric selection.
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My reservation about bespoke or mtm (as opposed to rtw) is that you have to effectively act as your own designer. Aside from the issue of whether your judgement is any better than that of Tom Ford or Helmut Lang or even those of their minions, you need to be able to communicate your wishes effectively, and often forcefully, to your tailor. And, as MPS points out, you have to do your own quality control as well. With prestigious tailors, they have at least their considerable reputations to protect, and you have some guarantee of satisfaction. Moreover, the more famous English and Italian houses have distinctive and well-known silhouettes. It you want a soft shouldered suit with some high arm-holes and some waist suppression, you go to Kiton. If you want a highly structured shoulder with a longer jacket and waist suppression, Gieves and Hawke With an unknown tailor overseas, on the other hand, getting a good tailoring done is often a struggle. My point is, when you walk into a retail store, you can have the satisfaction of seeing a suit, trying it on, and finding out immediately whether you love the suit or hate the suit. And with very minor alterations, you know that that suit will fit nearly perfectly. You don't have the headaches (should I have taken the tailor's suggestion for an extra half inch on the chest or not?) or the long wait for something that is potentially a few thousand down the chute. I know that I'm not going to get any love here, but I think that unless you have a very peculiar body, in general, RTW is the better way to go.
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if i lived anywhere near new york (and toronto is close enough) i'd do all my clothes shopping there.
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Can I ask why do you say that? I've never been to NYC but I'm always under the impression that shopping for clothes there would expensive. Although being the fashion centre of North America, the quality of the stuffs is probably significantly better than most cities.
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i said that because of the selection. there have been so many brands that i was interested in finding, but found were only available in new york but not l.a. or sometimes i can find them, but in limited selection, then i find out there's a "flagship" store in nyc. of course i would go there looking for sales. oxxford, dormeuil, paraboot, many brands of shoes, custom tailors, etc...
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FCS, I've ordered from which is the same as ravis tailor. After having some MTM and bespoke work done in Hong Kong, I would not recommend ravis. The shirt I ordered did not conform to my torso shape at all like good MTM or bespoke shirts do and the pants did not fit at all. Obviously, it's my fault for not communicating proper measurements, but short of having them taken in Thailand, I wouldn't be confident of the results. Also, I take issue with your assertion about their "great" fabric database. In my opinion, it's not good at all. If you want a quality two-ply cotton, they have very few choices. In my opinion, they do not have many contemporary patterns or interesting colors available, either. I can get a good quality shirt made in Hong Kong for $85 to $105 in a truly great selection of fabrics and not have to worry about poor fit, workmanship, or material. I can't afford to throw all kinds of money at my clothes, but in my opinion, those shirts offer the best value for the money. If you want more detail on any of the above, let me know. I've got "custom" shirts from Thailand, MTM shirts from the US and Hong Kong and bespoke shirts from Hong Kong and can compare them directly. Regards, dan
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