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J. Fitzpatrick


J. Fitzpatrick is a small, high-end shoemaker with a growing fanbase on StyleForum. With sleek, proportional lasts with a soft round toe, his shoes are an elegant addition to a crowded category. All the usual suspects are great and all, but there’s something to be said about trying something new and exciting.


Viberg Round X


Another month, another exceptional MTO project between StyleForum and Canadian bootmaker Viberg. This time, here’s your chance to get a pair of natural chromexcel derbies on the sleek 2040 last. I’d jump quick: you don’t want to stop lurking around, stalking posters who were brave enough to take the plune and look awesome in their new kicks.


I Love You Starbucks

If you had to ask the average StyleForum poster in public (or in a forum thread) what they think of Starbucks, you’re likely to get nothing but scuffs and references to Aeropress. But in private – and cutting the bullshit – let’s be honest with ourselves (and each other): Starbucks isn’t that bad, and it’s even good in a pinch. Hell, what’s your other option, Dunkin’ Donuts?