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Sam Wazin Custom tailor NYC

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All, just wondering if anyone here has ever used Sam Wazin in NYC for anything other than alterations? He offers bespoke tailoring and I'm curious to know who may of tried him for any suits or jacketing and can provide feedback.
He has a good reputation for alterations and has been recommended to me before by Isaia reps and also the guys at The Armoury however I've not been able to find anything on his bespoke offerings.

Thanks in advance. I've also been trawling through the Ercole thread for a possible "local" option for either MTM or bespoke and know that is a favourite for several SF members.
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Got a pair of trousers made by him in Caccioppoli linen and I actually prefer them over my Ambrosis. Maybe being local helps but they came out clean and without all the extra Ambrosi nonsense. He's a young guy so the cuts definitely run on the slim side. Currently have another pair in the making.


If you like the Ambrosi aesthetic (high rise, long extended waist band, very taped legs, little/no break), I'd give him a shot if you're in the city.


CMT pents starts at $500.

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Sam has been my alteration's tailor for maybe 5 years at this point. I can't recommend Sam enough. He's great to work with, receptive, and kind. Finally asked him to make me a suit back in September, and it turned out pretty well.  


His bespoke fabric options are something basic (can't recall the name), then Holland and Sherry, then Scabal. I went with H&S. I asked him for something mid-gray, traditional, wider lapel, etc., but with a few twists (patch pockets, a fun lining, etc.). I'm pretty pleased with the results. 


Here are some pictures from the process. If you want more, I can certainly upload a few.


Fabric options:



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Pants, from first fitting. They'd later get 2" cuffs. One nice detail: a belt buckle loop in the center above the zipper, for keeping your belt buckle centered. Never seen that one before.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



And the jacket, finalized. I was a particular fan of the buttonholes, minimal pick-stitching, and the nicely curved breast pocket. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




I recommend Sam and will probably go back to him for everything moving forward. I waffle back and forth on the pants, which I asked to have zero break, but often look a bit too short. I have only myself to blame on that, as Sam suggested a touch longer. On the plus side, Sam gives free alterations for life on his own suits, so I felt comfortable taking a gamble on something short.

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I understand this is outdated by this point, but out of curiosity -how much all-in was the suit with the H&S fabric?

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Give Sam a call and visit him.He will go through all the range of cloth with you and pricing.I've recently referred 2 guys to him and both have been over the moon with their projects and outcomes.
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