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Wearing EG

Some people think Engineered Garments is a hard brand to wear – but those people are stupid, and this thread is a great testament to how simply and how versatile everyone’s favorite workwear brand. Look, at the end of the day there’s quite a few designers reproducing classic fatigue pants and polka-dot shits, but there’s something indefinably special about EG, that allows it to transcend fashion boundaries in a special way.


Formula One


I’ve featured several of StyleForum’s most popular sports threads (soccer, you’re on deck!), and for today we have Formula One, everyone’s favorite racing sport (minus a large segment of the American Midwest who are mired in NASCAR, yuck). I don’t really know a lot about Formula One, so I can’t say much, but I do know there’s a lot of crossover between the high end watch thread and car sponsors. Woo!


Your Blog Sucks


Sometimes we talk about excellent blogs – your opinion on the Satorialist is somewhat irrelevant in this context – but we should also spare a moment to recognize how many downright terrible men’s clothing blogs are out there. Thus, this thread. Enjoy.