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Slim fit suits still too baggy. Help!

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Hi I have a few slim fit suits which are still a bit too baggy. Especially in the sleeves they brunch like hell when I bend my arms. I am very skinny so even slim fit suits are a little too baggy. What do I do to remedy this someone has suggested wearing a few shirts/sweaters under the dress shirt so it bulks me up. I need to look my best as I have an interview so what can I do. I can not afford MTM
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Have you considered having a tailor take a look at the suits that you do have?

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Yes but I can not afford it atm I had been made redundant from my last position and have no money at all .
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Then you are stuck.

They must either be altered or else you go MTM in future. Little or no point in the thread if you have no money to action any advice.
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I'm sure it's not as baggy as you imagine, just make sure you cover the basics, tie is tied well and nice clean shirt and shoes and even if the suit is a not great, I'm pretty sure the interviewer will not be sartorially educated enough to even notice flaws in fit anyway.

When you're working and a bit more financially fluid again, you can look into getting something MTM if you're still concerned about getting something that fits 100%.

Best of luck with the interview.
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I think @jedwards is probably right about it not being as bad as you think. It also seems to be the case that without the resources to buy anything new or have your existing suits altered, you're sort of out of luck. Just be absolutely certain that when you sit down, you unbutton the jacket so it doesn't pile up. Otherwise, it's quite unlikely that you won't get a job based on the diameter of your suit sleeves in proportion to your arms. The interview is about you; the clothes aren't the star. 


That said, I don't think that your first jump needs to be to MTM or bespoke suits to get something that fits better when you have resources for it. I'm not skinny like a rail, but am rather slim (6'1" 170) and have had the same problem with a lot of brands' "slim" fit. As our collective girth grows everyone wants to be "slim," so manufacturers vanity size the labels as they do waist sizes, etc. Calvin Klein's "slim fit," for example, is anything but. The arms are wide, armholes cut low, etc. Most line's "slim" seems to be to be a regular fit, while the classic is made roomier. Again, that's just my impression as a normal sized human being trying to find clothes that fit well. I can't find many other reasons to explain why we have a classic, slim, extra-slim, extremely-slim, and like...-so-slim-you-can't-even-imagine cut. Poke around the racks and see if you can find a brand/line that fits you better. Find a tailor who isn't just a Yes Man and will give you honest advice if you're not sure whether or not you're being a good judge of fit; these things are returnable as long as you don't alter them. 


That, for after you get the job and want to upgrade. Good luck!

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Good luck on the interview. 


As for the clothing--do not worry too much about it. If you're in the U.S., chances are that people who will interview you will not even notice :-)

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Thanks for your advice and well wishes guys! What do u think about the idea of wearing a v neck jumper underneath the dress shirt so it bulks me up a bit - I have tried this and it does make the suit fit a lot better.
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Sounds smashing to me. I've seen that pulled off really well... it's librarianesque, sure, but this is the age of the geek, baby.

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No one will be able to see the v neck jumper by the way it will just be a means as to bulk me up. Do you know of people who do this?
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Brit comedian Jon Richardson pulls it off. On a one or two-button suit the jumper will be quite visible, framing the tie and shirt collar attractively in a manner similar to a waistcoat; on a three or four button suit, not so much. 


This isn't the same guy - Google Image Search is being uncooperative - but this gent looks dapper as hell in his suit with jumper. I say go for it - if nobody else is doing it in your area you'll be setting the trends.

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I meant actually wearing a v neck jumper UNDER the shirt
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I can't imagine that working out the way you want.

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Some rather questionable advice given on the forum lately. Anyway, to the OP: why don't you post a pic of yourself wearing your suit? Would make it a lot easier to assess what you might need.

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There is an image with a v neck underneath the shirtI'm out and about today so don't have the time to take a pic without the v neck but I will try.

What do you think?
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