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Ted kennedy

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As much as I hate his politics, I have to admit that he is pretty stylish. I noticed just now during his speech at the DNC, he's wearing a single breasted suit with peaked lapels. That's a rare style, but its making more of a comeback, and I like it. What do you think?
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I didn't see the DNC, but I do have a fondness for single-breasted suits with peaked lapels, which is undeniably making a comback (Tommy Hilfiger, anyone?)
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The question is (which I couldn't figure out) whether it was a one button? I am considering ordering a one button suit, without peaked lapels. In any case, Kennedy did look pretty sharp. Not his usual red-nosed, about to fall down passed out self. M
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When David Letterman is not wearing a DB suit he wears single breasted with peaked lapels. A very nice look. It's one of those things that would go unnoticed by most. I noticed the other day that Kennedy was looking better than he used to, not as red-nosed and bloated (Clinton as well). They're tanned, rested and sober--bring on the interns.
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