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Hi Everyone!

If you look on the Shoehealer Facebook page you will see the Taupe Shrunken Grain Calf Tricker's "Polo" boots,which Richard helped me get made to my own specification.I really like the colour and the "wrinkled" texture of the leather.My friend's daughter,aged 6,asked me,perfectly seriously,if they were made from Dinosaur skin! I replied,equally seriously,"Yes,they are made from Stegosaurus skin!" If she hadn't noticed her parents giggling behind their hands I think she would have believed me!

Richard is trying to see if there is any interest in a Bulk MTO in Taupe Shrunken grain calf.The model he has in mind is the "Charles" cap-toe boot,with the padded ankle-collar in Earth(dark green)Repello suede.So,if you,too,would like a pair of Stegosaurus-hide boots, drop him an e-mail!