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Just ordered a jantzen shirt

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I know I should have asked this before I ordered, but I just started taking measurments and choosing my details, and I couldn't resist placing the actual order. Anyway, I have some questions: I paid by credit card, using the order form - I didn't fax the information to him. Should I be worried? What has the turnaround time been like? Will he email me when the shirt is completed or shipped? Should I email him now and let him know I placed the order?
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Here are the shirt specifics: Shirt Length: 31" Chest: 38.5 Waist: 32 Hip: 34.5 Shoulder: 21 Sleeve: 34.5, Long Sleeve Neck: 17.5 Height: 5'11" Weight: 165 lbs Wrist Size ( No Allowance): 7.25 Special for Thicker Watch: Select One Shirt Fitting: Form (4"-6" Allowance) Share of Shoulder: Regular Shoulder Shade of Body: Normal Shade Material Item: French Oxford Material Number: Number #1, Please Select Material Number Materail Number: Please Select Material Number Collar Style: Collar Style # P-15, (British Spread Collar) Collar Stay: Removable Collar Stay Interlining: Regular Tie space: 1/8" (Standard) Back Height: 1 3/4" (High) Stitching for Collar & Cuff: 1/4" (Our Standard) Collar Point: 3 1/4" (Long) Color of Button Hole and Button Thread: Dark Blue Cuff Style: Single Cuff Style #5S (Round Double Button) Contract Collar: Select one Cuff Height: 2 3/4" (Standard) Pocket Style : Select one Number of Pocket: No Pocket Front Placket: French Front with Stitching Width of Placket: 1 1/2" (Standard) Select oner: With Sleeves Extra Button shirt tail: Regular Tail Shoulder Pleat: No Pleat Select one: Without Split Yoke Gusset Triangle Color: White Button Seclections:: Thick Nature Mother of Pearl Button (3.55 mm) Thickness Monogram Style: Monogram Style #9 Monogram Placing: Inside the Yoke Initial: EKR Monogram Color: Dark Blue
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Usually takes about a month to receive your shirt, although it's been a month and a half since my last order with no shirt yet - I think he's a little overwhelmed at the moment. There have been previous discussions about the security of ordering through Jantzen, and the general consensus is that it's not to be worried over. Anyone with enough skill to hack and get that information would not be wasting their time on Jantzen. For my first order, he sent me both a notice when it was shipped and when my card was charged, but for subsequent orders he didn't say anything unless I forgot something in the order form. You can send him an email notifying him of your order, but I don't think it will help the turnaround time.
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Get ready to wait. Two months and counting since my last order. I received email from Ricky a week ago, letting me know that the fabric I wanted for one of my shirts had run out (presumably he was just starting to make my order). I tried picking an alternate fabric, but that was out as well. Anyway, still waiting....
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I ordered my first shirt on 27 May, got an email from Ricky on 22 June that he'd be sending the shirt on 23 June, my credit card was charged on 2 July; so far, still no shirt...
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this is what has kept myself and probably others from ordering.
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Thanks for all the replies, fellas. I just can't wait to get this shirt. I don't know if you checked out the measurments I gave, but I have a 17.5" neck and a 38" chest, and 31" waist. I've never been able to find a RTW shirt that fits in both the chest/waist and neck. Custom seems like the only choice for me, so I hope that this Jantzen shirt deal works for me.
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Well I have troubling news for current/prospective Jantzen patrons. A month or so ago I placed an order for one shirt as a test run. Yesterday I was shocked to find out that I had been charged $130, which is more like the cost of three shirts. I have not received my order yet so I'm not sure if Rick confused my order with a different one and sent me three shirts or just overcharged me by mistake. I've heard only good things about Jantzen so I'm pretty sure it was an honest mistake. I've e-mailed Ricky, and it would be interesting to see how he responds to this amid all the talks about his service getting slower and harder to get a response.
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I've ordered three times from Ricky. All three batches took about a month, but never more than 5 weeks. It could be that summer is busy for him. It's ~$45USD delivered to your door exactly as you ordered it. That's less than a garbage shirt from Banana Republic that may or may not fit you. You'd pay 5 times the Jantzen price for T&A's MTM program, which will give you a shirt of slightly better quality (this will be argued, I'm sure) in about the same amount of time. If you are uncomfortable with the time it takes, the unprofessional look of the website, the ordering process, and the inability to check fabrics in person, then you shouldn't order from Jantzen. But you also won't get a MTM shirt for $45USD anywhere else. It's a trade off. Be patient. If it's not for you, then it's not for you.
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I've e-mailed Ricky, and it would be interesting to see how he responds to this amid all the talks about his service getting slower and harder to get a response.
I think you're better off picking up the phone and calling. Maybe use your cell if you've got the minutes.
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I ordered a bunch of shirts on 6/8, then followed up a few days later via e-mail with a few measurement changes to my order form. Ricky replied on 7/10 asking me to confirm my requested changes, which I did the next day. On 7/23, Ricky confirmed he rec'd my changes, was making the shirts, and would send out ASAP. He said he was very busy, but wanted to maintain good quality. I haven't rec'd my shirts yet, but I'm not concerned at all. The man is busy, which is a good problem to have.
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I put in order late last month and just got a confirmation. So you newcomers to Jantzen, don't fret. Patience is a virtue.
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Ricky e-mailed me today confirming an order of a month ago. He was very apologetic for the delay. Patience is a virtue - one I am sadly lacking, but am learning. The delay is well worth it though, nothing compare at this price point.
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add me to the list: i ordered mine 5 weeks ago, just got a note from ricky saying he was making my shirt. ooo, i'm as giddy as a schoolgirl...
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Add me to the list as well. I submitted my first (I'm not counting the one sent 14 weeks ago that was never processed) order on 30 June and Ricky emailed me today saying the fabric I'd ordered (stripe 203) was out of stock. Also, Sierra Trading Post emailed me today to tell me that my Tusting Clipper bag shipped. These things along with the 20gig ipod I just ordered are making me giddy, though perhaps not quite as giddy as a schoolgirl.
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