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Common Projects


Common Projects burst onto StyleForum five or six years ago, offering extremely sleek, high-end, well-made sneakers at sub $300 prices (which, six years ago, was still a ton). What seems a lifetime later, the brand still is killing it, and shockingly still dominates a category where it can be challenging to find unadorned, simple sneakers with a great profile. The Achilles is still the kind of the raw denim pairing.


Shoes & Socks


This thread is one of my favorite WAWYT experiences: it’s nothing but pictures of shoes and socks. Despite this, there’s an excellent community within these posts, and it’s amazing to see what a rotation of truly high-end shoes looks like, and what posters are actually bothering to wear their St. Crispins instead of locking them in a display case and taking them out to photograph and polish every few weeks.


Fly Fishing


This is a… narrow thread (a good way to put it). Fly fishing. I really know nothing about fly fishing, but apparently a small number of forum posters are really into the sport (it’s a sport, right?) and share some pretty cool pictures of their experiences. Check it out.