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Originally Posted by oman View Post
A question: I ordered an item from a US seller and got slapped with $112 in import duties ($80ish collected on delivery). I live in Canada.

What is my recourse? Can I do anything to recover the money? $112 is more than 90% of what I paid the seller (who is a good guy) for the item.

Has this happened to anyone here? Any advice? Who is at fault - me, the seller or the government?

Unless you specifically asked the seller to mark it as a gift with a lower value, its your fault. Sellers are not under obligation to do so, especially the casual seller, but that is a tough line to cross when you have a large dollar value, or are a business, etc.
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to add insult to injury, those customers jerks called it a WOMEN'S jacket spoopoker, do you think there is anything that can be done to avoid this kind of thing in the future? should i consistently ask sellers to undervalue the goods?
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