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Definitely USPS Priority. Always very fast and usually the cheapest. The brokerage fees are lower than the others as well.
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WOW. This is awesome & I agree about pinning this. USPS is definitely cheaper (though not as much lately) and their tracking is completely worthless, which is why we dumped them. (not to mention their online pick-up reservation system didn't work in IE6).

UPS's tracking is fantastic, but they have a completely separate arm for internationals and the two don't communicate very well. Plus, they charge handling fees on top of brokerage fees on top of VAT and duty ... ugh.

Someone should invent a Skype for shipping -- I'll just teleport your package through my computer to your IP address. ;-)
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Another vote for Priority Mail. For all the crap people give the postal service, PM works extremely well, and at a good price. At the other end of the spectrum, I despise UPS, and would just as soon never have to deal with them again.
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so far i have not any problems (knock on wood) with any of the couriers : fedex, ups , dhl, nor usps.

international : usps global express works best for me, tracking and no duty so far reported by recipient.

fedex seems to be very reliable and FAST for international but always been dealing with duty/tax.

i never tried ups nor dhl for international.

i like DHL's 2nd day shipping , it is quite fast and a somewhat good guarantee for any package across the US.
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it's always a trade off: service and reliability vs. higher fees and tacked-on charges. It's interesting to hear your good results with USPS -- they always seem so checked out as far as customer service and reliability goes. We'll have to take another look!

DHL we've never dealt with. Their international rates seem really high.
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In the last year I've shipped a couple of hundred items vis USPS Priority Mail and I think I've only had 1 issue. Given the cost and the delivery confirmation/signature confirmation services, i would never think of using anyone else. The absolute worse service is UPS Ground. It takes twice the amount of time at twice the cost of USPS Priority Mail and you have to keep your fingers crossed that the package will arrive.
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DHL delivered a small shipment of shoes to my place of business the other day (3
40lb boxes). A woman, apparently about 5 ft. tall couldn't carry the boxes. I ended up getting bitched at because a girl at work had to stop what she was doing and help this wee little woman. Isn't it a requirement to be able to lift 50lbs or something.
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Canadian chiming in: USPS is the only courier that doesn't completely destroy us canucks withs customs and various other fees.
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USPS priority envelopes run about $8 for shipping domestically with shipping confirmation for a few things. Not bad since the envelopes are free, durable and can fit a decent amount. Too bad you can't fit much in the priority flat rate boxes that cost $4.60
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I wish USPS would make a box that fits largish shoe boxes. The current shoe box only fits women's shoes, or the occasional small mens shoebox. Do they intentionally do this? I would think it would be a useful size otherwise as well, something around 14" x 8 x 8. I've seen many purchases that I have made cannibalizing 2 other priority boxes to make one to fit the shoes. A waste.
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The latest stunt oneBay is for sellers to tell you (ex USA buyers) the flat rate international no longer exists and that they will only send priority which costs us USD 10-15 more for each purchase. It is scandalous and they deny you even when you send them the facts.
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I use USPS Priority Mail to ship things out to people. Quick cheap but shitty tracking system. Now for the companies that have been used to ship my items. UPS loves to take their sweet ass time but their tracking is great. FedEx is average. DHL is pretty damn fast. USPS isn't bad.
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I love the men in brown (UPS) mainly because they always arrive at the same time (5 pm), all others especially usps arrive at different times which is annoying. Ive never had a problem with UPS and I've had delivered vintage guitar/gear that always arrives perfect.
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I mainly sell high-end watches, which require higher than normal levels of insurance, so I usually use USPS Express Mail, which is overnight shipping. I find them to be considerably cheaper (like $38 insured compared to UPS' $100), and they are 99% of the time reliable and safe (I think I lost 1 package out of my last 60!).
Unless a buyer is a real finnicky guy, and demands UPS/FEDEX, I have been very happy using USPS.

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I also give a High 5 to USPS Express Mail. I make expensive knives and customize high-end, custom flashlights...and I ship all over. For big ticket items Express Mail is by far the best value of all the couriers, and you can track your package. I've yet to have a problem.

For less pricey items...My best experience is with Priority Mail.

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