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Paper denim & cloth

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Does Paper Denim & Cloth make any kinds of relaxed jeans? All the stores online seem to only offer slim fitting/bootcut ones and none of the stores in my area carry the brand, so I've been unable to find a relaxed pair. Any help would be appreciated.
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Never seen any... sorry
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The "full bootcut" styles offered by PD&C are pretty relaxed through the seat and thigh. The only difference from other relaxed jeans is that they are a slight bootcut, rather than tapered, below the knee.
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Forgot to add: The Tsunami, Icon and LTD cuts are all pretty good examples of a "relaxed" bootcut.
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How would they compare to Seven's relaxed jeans? They're my only pair of "designer" jeans and I just got a huge security deposit back from my last apartment, so I'm fiending for some new denim.
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The LTD is about the same fit, IMO. The ICON is *slightly* more fitted in the thigh. I have to say though that the denim PD&C uses has a lot more give than do Seven jeans. Buy about a size smaller than you would normally. Seriously, after a wash and a day of wear, they seem a lot looser.
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I'm positive that PDC makes relaxed jeans, albeit relaxed boot cut jeans.  I bought a pair, then sold them on ebay, but I don't remember the model number.  I think they were from last season, or maybe two seasons ago, because I bought them at an outlet-type store.  I kinda regret selling them - they had a very relaxed leg, but the one thing I couldn't stand was [literally] 1 inch of tapering at the knee, then the bootcut back out.  Keep looking.
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