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You'd be forgiven for thinking that Pitti just happened. Because it did. Like, six months ago. Five, maybe? I'm still recovering.

Have you ever been to Europe in June? Continental Europe, I mean. Italy, specifically. It's not easy to put air conditioning into a building that that was built when people still cared about shit like being poisoned over dinner. And, you know, wore those little rings where you'd twist the gem away to reveal a hidden compartment purpose-built for storing devious powders. Do they make those? I bet druggies would buy them.

June in Florence is going to be fucking hot. Great. January in Florence was fucking hot, too, because the lunatics in charge thought that cranking the heat up to 80F when it was like 58 outside was a good idea. You know what? I'm looking forward to it. Why? There are no pine trees in Florence (that I am aware of). Maybe I'll live through allergy season. That's worth a little heat.

No, scratch that. There are no winners here.

The point - yes, there is a point - is that Pitti is happening. Again. It's almost like it's...cyclical. Like you can't escape. This time, the theme is - apparently - "Ping Pong." Last time it was "Rock 'n Roll," although the only evidence of any theme at all was a single, random "concert," put on by a few Italian dudes who might have been Elvis impersonators. "Ping Pong" fills me with existential dread.

I'll be real with you: After writing what were more or less brand introductions the last time around, I'm not sure what I'll do once I get there. "Look, Barena has a new half-lined knit jacket." Wheee. Do you want that? If you want that, OK. Me, I think Pitti would be better if it were simultaneously a casino. Or if, at the very least, servers in black tie wandered around feeding you booze, because frankly, it is when you are inside the gates of the goddamn circus that you need liquor most.

What brands do you want to see?@shoreman1782 asked for Camoshita last time, and I totally dropped the ball. My b, dude. The full list of exhibitors is here, and as usual, it looks like a whole lotta bullshit. There are exceptions: Barena, of course; Buttero...I only got as far as the B's when I was scrolling through the list, but I did notice an exhibitor named "Circle of Gentleman," which sounds both sexual and depressing.

It's coming. June 17-20. I'll be there. Will you be there?

This is the thread for all things Pitti. Another thread, for daily updates and pictures and news, will come later.

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Would be interested in seeing Barena, Buttero, (both as mentioned), Eleventy, Esemplare, Haversack, Junhashimoto, Made & Crafted, Man 1924, Masaki Kyoto Homme, Monitaly, Roberto Collina, and ts(s). Sorry that most of list looks like what you did last time.

Looking forward to reading your write-ups and horror stories (day by day accounts)!
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Junhashimoto and Lost & Found are definitely on my list right now. I wonder if Jun is bringing more than white shirts this time around.

Barena and Buttero as well, of course, and Haversack was very impressive in January, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have this time around. Don't let the unbelievable length of the list of exhibitors crush you completely: there are definitely some interesting brands that show up at Pitti; it seems like perhaps you just never know what you're going to get. Some are pretty consistent - i.e. Barena, Buttero; other well-established brands have a pretty solid offering (and you sort of know what to expect), others seem to be sort of a toss-up. A bunch of the exhibitors I had shortlisted last time turned out to be unimpressive or just bad in person. A shame, but what can you do.

Actually, there's something I want to make absolutely clear: one of the things I've enjoyed most about the post-Pitti write-ups is that I have 100% freedom to write about whatever brands I like and say whatever I like about them (I try to be polite, though). Every brand I've covered so far has been a brand that I've liked in person, or that seems like a brand that users on the forum would enjoy. Some become more interesting after speaking to the designers/brand reps, some less so. Either way, you'll notice that I haven't posted any scathing reviews about anything I've seen - that's largely because, if I don't think something is worth the time, I ignore it completely. It's not me being a sycophant. A lot of brands that I was hoping to cover were duly skipped over in favor of more interesting things.

Although Pitti is an undeniably commercial enterprise, as is always the case with Styleforum (and NOT the case with a shitload of the bloggers you see on the internet), I'm not going around soliciting gifts in exchange for reviews. Hopefully that was understood from the beginning.

Anyway, I am - for the most part - looking forward to the inevitable madness. I imagine there will be at least some good stuff to talk about.
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Hey Guys,


We are going to be using a feature of the new system that is really underused.  Instead of having everything in one single thread, which can make things difficult to follow, I'm asking @Synthese and @unbelragazzo to make separate threads for each new day and tag all their coverage of Pitti 86 with the tag Pitti86 (this thread is the first). This means that you can go to the right hand column and click on the Pitti86 to see all the coverage from the show, or you can get there directly through the link


This way, you'll see all the coverage, instead of it being in a single confusing thread or in a bunch of separate threads that you have to hunt around for.  Don't worry, I'll have site announcements regularly to show you guys where to go, in case you forget.





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Good grief, I can't believe this is happening again. Any SFers going to be there this time around?
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fun fun fun
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Originally Posted by wogbog View Post

fun fun fun




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Synth, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find side zips that are actually decent quality and not $3000 or whatever the hell A123948239482394 is charging for F/W 2014. Jun? More Buttero? Damnit, those are all brands that will be visited... umm... Tatras? I see Tonello all the time on Yoox, seems similar to LBM's lower level stuff? Another "role swap" series with @unbelragazzo would be fun.

More lightweight wool or other blend Rota pants pls @gdl203.
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More wall, peacocks and a selfie with Wooster and I`m set til Pitti 2025.

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Hey man,  70s are bearable.  I'd much rather have rain than be pummeled by the sun and 100+ weather for a week.  Now I sorta wish that I'd bought tickets for myself (not really, but still.)  Besides, don't you have some nifty rain gear?  Also, very litle beats sitting in a quiet cafe with a coffee and pastry, listening to rain.

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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

 Also, very litle beats sitting in a quiet cafe with a coffee and pastry, listening to rain.
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

lol.  I've always liked overcast weather and always hated the sun.  I am the darkness to @RegisDB9's light.  I've threatened my wife that we will move to Buenos Aires for the summer, and then to Vancouver BC for the winter.

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I don't mind overcast but rain every day for the whole week? That's depressing and entirely impractical because now I have to lug an extra piece of rainwear all day inside a trade show hall - just for a 10 mins walk under the rain back and forth. I don't mind 100 degree weather - I'm inside all day anyways... Remember? I go there to work, not to pose outside.
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