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First dabble into Kiton

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Hello All!

I'm currently looking to pick up my second "nice" suit, and was considering dabbling into Kiton. I'm quite fond of this suit from STF , but if anyone has a better suggestion of where to spend that money (or less) I'm open to suggestions. I currently have a Canali suit that I'm very happy with, but would perhaps like to expand my horizons.
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The Kiton suit in question is not a no. 2 suit but something you purchase once you have a sizable suit wardrobe. Depending on what color the Canali is, I would concentrate on a solid dark grey, sharkskin, or different shades of blue (dark/midnight).
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agreed, despite the light color, the cotton based fabric would lend itself to infrequent use and only during summer / spring. Not something one would want for their second or third suit. what is the color of your canali? if it is grey or charcoal maybe consider a dark navy suit?

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Fortunately the Canali I own right now is navy. Would you recommend I try to find another Kiton that's more durable and perhaps a charcoal? Perhaps another brand?
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Charcoal would be OK but I agree with the comment that this one is not a second suit.
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Do you wear suits to work? If not, get whatever the hell color/pattern you want. You've already got a navy for job interviews, weddings and funerals.
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Charcoal is a good second suit color. A medium grey could also work very nicely. I'd say you want a navy SB, charcoal SB and medium grey SB (all solids) before you venture out into anything else. If you don't own many suits, you need each one to be versatile.
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