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I wear all black Jcrew boxer briefs and love the way they look and feel
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Originally Posted by bigbadbuff View Post
I think 2Xist are excellent, but they don't last anywhere near as long as other brands. CK is very good, as is JCrew.

+1 on this. I like 2Xist, but they fall a part quicker than the Coalition of the Willing
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I like Tugaloo boxers. Quality is very good.
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I've always preferred a covered waistband. I never noticed the accordion marks on my waist. I have begun to develop a latex sensitivity in my old age and tend to get more welts with the uncovered waistband. Do let me know if you need some prototype testers. My resume includes: Calvin Klein, J Crew, Banana Republic, Brooks brothers, Polo, J Press, Paul Stuart and more.

Originally Posted by Kent Wang View Post
Single seam does seem to make more sense, as one only has one crack.

I'm not using a covered waistband because of the below reason (assuming we're talking about the same thing):
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I just bought 5 more pairs of Banana Republic boxers on sale for $9.99 less a 10% coupon I had for those online surveys you randomly get on some receipts. At that price, BR boxers are the best value imo. Covered waistband, notched legs, very nice fabrics... They seem to have introduced new boxers now where the covered waistband is in a contrasting solid color fabric so all the older styles have been marked down.
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I like the Zimmerli boxers. Has anyone heard of Bamford & Sons sea-island cotton boxers?
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How about Charles Tyrwhitt sea island boxers for $40?'s-Underwear/productlisting.aspx?ppp=12&sortBy=Relevance&page=1&back=False&canned=&browse=Y Worth it? I see they have a 3 month money back guarantee....... Also found these $20 sea island cotton boxers. 32 inch waist, same as CT small. I might try ordering one of those $20 ones.
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