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In desperate need of help!

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Hi all,


I'm recently single from a 10 year relationship and I don't want to have to go with clothing that fits "Eh, ok I guess", anymore. In part, because I'm probably going to have to date again, eventually. More importantly, it'd be an amazing pick me up to actually be wearing something that fits. So here I am, hoping some of you terrific people will be able to help a guy out.


I'm standing tall at 5'4"(Anybody that says they're short at 5'6" makes me want to cry), weighing in at 110-115lbs. I'm pretty sure I have shorter than average arms because I've never found anything long sleeve that actually fit and as such all my suits are custom made. My jeans are from American Eagle because nobody else that I'm aware of carries anything close to 26x28. AE slim straight jeans are the closest thing that I've found that fits.


So, my problem today, is where can I find jeans/shirts that actually might fit? I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of guy and that's what I wear to the office. Is it even possible that somewhere out there they might have button downs that will fit the T-Rex arms that I have; that also won't run past and cover my entire ass if I don't tuck them in?


If anybody can help me here, know that I'll be eternally grateful and that you'll be doing a good deed in helping me back into the scary world of single people!

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Can we get some more context?

What's your budget?

You mentioned your office - what sort of profession/industry? You say you're a jeans and T-Shirt type - is that by choice or because you can't get alternatives that fit?

Do you know the rest of your dimensions - collar, arm and body length etc?

Where are you, Europe, US or Other?

The obvious alternatives, in the absence of more information, are to go made to measure / bespoke, look at the boy's sections in some of the department stores or maybe some of the Asian retailers who tend to do the smaller size ranges.
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Sorry to hear about the end of such a long term relationship first off.

I'm not sure how much money you are willing to spend, but the good news is that you don't need to spend a lot to acquire the aesthetic you are going for. This is where I'm going to assume you're in the USA since that's where I am and I can only speak of the stores here. You can get by with mall brands easily, most if not all have sales. There are also outlets. This is not SF approved since quality isn't the best, but finer made clothes is an acquired taste so I don't think you should drop major bucks from the start. You can do fine with brands like Banana Republic, Gap, J. Crew, etc.

At your height and weight, have you tried kids clothes before? I have a friend who is probably 5'5'' and he can fit into some stuff at Gap Kids.

If you are getting men's clothes, there's no way anything would fit you. With that said, you may want to look into made to measure stuff. Check out moderntailor for cheap dress shirts.

Good luck. Remember though clothes may help, but you need the charisma more than anything, my friend smile.gif
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Assuming I measured myself correct:

Neck: 14
Chest: 31
Shoulders: 17/18
Sleeve: 31/32
Body: 25/26

Waist: 28/29
Inseam: 26/27


I'm a programmer in New York and the office I'm in has a very casual dress code unless I'm out for client meetings, then it's shirt and pants. I am comfortable in jeans/t-shirt. I might be comfortable because that is what actually kind of fits though. By no means is that the only thing I like to wear as I'd love to be able to dress up a little bit from time to time. As it is now, it's either super casual or super dressy with no in between.


As far as budget goes, I'd really like to not need to sell one of my organs? I don't have a problem paying more for clothing that fit well, in fact, I fully expect it but I probably wouldn't drop $500 on a pair of jeans either unless that was the only thing I was buying...that month.


I already shop in the children's section for certain things, like my shoes. I've also tried on Levi's from the boys line and what really bothered me was that I couldn't even put my cell phone in the pockets. The thing with children's clothing is that, usually, the proportions just don't work out, like shirts/t-shirts are very wide around the body.


I've previously tried to look for alternatives(on several occasions) without much luck but this time I have more of a push to stick to it. I do appreciate all the advice/help I can get!

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you could get a pair jeans made by Schaeffer Garment Hotel- I highly recommend them. Measurements were a breeze to take.
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Thanks! I'll take a look at Schaeffers Garment Hotel.


I'm hoping for a little more input so keep 'em coming guys!

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