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When selecting your streetwear looks, what inspires you? Is it other posters, is it historical figues (on the CM side the answer is always the Prince of Wales…), is it fashion designers or runway looks? Share your inspirations in this thread: from the big to the small, to the animate to the inanimate, and the human to inhuman (no androids allowed).


Dinner Calls


I’ve highlighted this thread on more than one occasion (probably more than five occasions), but it’s seriously one of the most staggering threads on the forum. Who would expect a website devoted to esoteric clothing choices and bespoke tailor slapfights to host such an exceptional selection of high-end, yet amateur chefs? As a bonus, several recent posts feature visual tours of some of the world’s best restaurants.




In the StyleForum of yore, there was a famous poster who decried any brown suit as ugly, concluding that “brown is for farmer,” while navys and greys and for the fancy white collar city folk. That poster is a moron as this thread so clearly expresses: brown tailored clothing is awesome, and is something we should celebrate.