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Where do I start with ties?  My bespoke clothier makes handmade ties for $200 each.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that price tag, though my shirts, shoes and suits certainly are in proportion to that price tag.  I feel like I'm in need of upgrading my ties and could use 5-10 new ones.



I have a basic wardrobe and have slowly and without regrets built it up with all bespoke clothing (2 suits, 7 shirts, 2 sport coats and just got 3 pairs of pants made).  I really appreciate the fit and feel of handmade clothes and enjoy wearing them much more than the off the shelf stuff I used to get.  I haven't ever really bought nicely made/expensive ties.


I need to wear 64-66 in. ties (I tie a full windsor and am 6'3", neck-17.25 in.)