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Hi all, Any suggestions on a first-rate iron for at-home shirt care? I am in the market and would like to poll you folks for advice. Thanks.
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Rowenta. 1400 watts, nice heft, great steam and practically irons by itself. I've had mine for 3 years and will be hard pressed to consider any other make.
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The Rowenta Professional model is great--lots of steam vents, nice weight, smooth soleplate. It can shoot a blast of steam a couple of feet.
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What model (if you remember)? I have heard good things about the Rowenta. Also, are you familiar with the concept of 'iron pads'. They are little cloth cozies that are the shape of the iron and are held on by a spring. There is a nice photo of one in 'Elegant Man'. I am actually half hankering for a very traditional big, heavy iron (still electric). Something more likely to be used in a large hotel by professionals than sold for home use. Does this ring any bells?
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I agree with the above advice. Look for the Rowenta Professional "Commercial" iron if you can find it.
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..... I've had mine for 3 years and will be hard pressed to consider any other make.
i get it.  
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check out the iron reviews on Amazon... Rowenta has a good name but will be hit or miss depending on the model. TFal is a good cheaper alternative...
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Phooey.  I tried one of those 'technologically advanced' irons, and I call bullshit.  If it's so advanced, then how come it still burns my fingers every time?  Huh?  "shoots a blast of steam a couple of feet" -- great. Yet another way for me to injure myself.   Anyone know of a brand that comes with a good health insurance policy?
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I have a Bosch with a honkin' huge reservoir. Aside from the relatively short cord, it has been very satisfactory.
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I don't trust irons enough to put water in them for a steam effect. Too easy to stain clothes that way. Instead, I have a spray bottle full of distilled water. Mist over shirt, iron, and presto (no pun intended).
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Rowenta works perfectly. Stick to the basics, you don't need 1 GB of RAM in your iron  
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