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Carmina Sizing

StyleForum posters seem to love the mid-range Spanish shoe brand Carmina, but with few actual stockists in the United States (Epaulet New York is one of the few exceptions luckily), most posters have to purchase the shoes online, which leads to inevitable sizing questions. Instead of cluttering up other threads – and spread the knowledge out among dozens of posts – concentrate your questions here, and look for answers to questions before asking.


NBA Playoffs


We’re mere games away from the NBA Finals (will Lebron repeat? can Duncan haul in one last ring?) and StyleForum’s NBA thread is as hot as ever. Tune in and catch out what some of your favorite forum personalities believe about professional basketball, and spectate our own intraforum grudge matches. 




StyleForum posters love to debate about everything, and this thread is a case in point: what’s the world’s best hot sauce? Is it something that’s purely spicy, or is it a great combination of natural spices and tangy sweetness? Debate!