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Sprout stuff

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Marc: I just looked into eating sprouts. It's way too time consuming, you have to soak the seeds yourself. I don't have time for this. Do they sell this stuff at supermarkets or something? What else is healthy to eat if I don't want to grow sprouts?
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GROW SPROUTS??? You talking about alfalfa sprouts? They sell those cheapest at Trader Joes. Trader Joes also has a great "sprouted" bread. I don't remember if they have them at the regular supermarket, but they definitely have them at Wholefoods as well as the farmers market at 3rd/Fairfax. If you're talking about the larger sprouts, like the kind found in stirfry, the only place I know will have them for sure is Chinese markets. Try Ranch 99 or any market in K-town, as well as the places I mentioned above. I didn't read the entire "good food" thread, so I apologize in advance if I missed the mark.
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Last time i checked they sold sprouts...already "sprouted", at the local dagostino's. Im sure most nyc grocers sell them, or else you can check out the union square green market...if you don't find it there you will definitely find something else that's healthy. They are great on salads and almost any sandwhich.
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Sprouting takes 3 minutes a day. lt is quicker than preparing a meal. lt seems complicated but, once you get a system happening you will save alot of time. l sprout most seeds in jars, it takes 30 seconds a jar. Easy. Don't be such a defeatist. lt doesn't seem like you value your health much or; maybe you just don't understand whats really at stake here. lgnorance is bliss [l know]. Maybe you were meant to read this Mike. Give it a go Mike C. See it through, your health is worth it old son. WARNING Don't treat sprouts and vegies as equals. Just because each are green doesn't mean they are the same. They are worlds apart; completely different structures. l think of sprouts as fruit with chlorophyll. Mike; please remember, vegies will lead you to malnutrition: try to replace most vegies with sprouts. Sprouts = super nutrition Vegies = very poor nutrition Algae = super nutrition Grass  =  super mega nutrition Meat =  very average nutrition Dairy = Very poor nutrition 3 things l recommend you do.   Eat raw organic oranges and apples in the morning.   Eat alfalfa sprouts before lunch and tea.   Drink wheat water. Soak one cup of wheat (l would prefur 2 day old wheat sprouts) in 2 litres of water at room temperiture. Let the wheat soak for 2 days. After the second day, collect the water and refridgerate (throw the wheat seed away or use it to make fermented wheat sprout milk or essene bread). Soak wheat seed in a glass container. Health is the most important thing we have. Once our health is gone, it usually can't be repaired.
post #5 of 9's so hard to take you seriouslly with that avatar. It freaks me out.
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Which avator do you prefer sir (it rymnes, ha ha ha). lt has to be weird and freek people out. Ha ha ha.   Do you like my gothic ones better. Ugly ladies or scarey pic's only allowed here old chap. P.S: l could use afew other avators but they will freek people out far too much. lt would freek them out more than they ever had before. l will play it safe. Besides; l don't want a ban. Enough people hate my guts.
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Marc, I guess it's not bad...just strange reading your sprout advice with that smiling lady staring at me...feels like she's trying to trick me into eating my veggies, errr, sprouts. Don't change it, keeps the posts interesting and fun. BTW, where in OZ are you from? Was in Melb and Adelaide in Jan where my family has a farm. I can't say enough about the fine young ladies in your coutry...good hunting too.
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Maybe she is trying to trick you into eating sprouts. l am from Melbourne, AUSTRALIA and l am proud to live there. l love Melb. Where do you come from old son? The women in Oz totally rule. They are gorgeous. The hunting is disappearing in Aust. Lots of land is being redeveloped. l used to go hunting alot as a kid. (l belong to a family of hunters. l no longer hunt [as l don't agree with it]). l have many kangaroo fur coats and skins from my kangaroo hunts. l also have many kangaroo leather purses: they are made from kangaroo scroatums. Kangaroo scroatums make excellent leather coin bags. They sell kangaroo scroatums for quite abit of money in Oz. Minced kangaroo tail also makes good feret food. P.S: My grandfather was a tough man; he used to hunt for most of his food. Rabbits, fish and kangaroo testicle soup (seriously; he boiled the roo bones, the head and the testicles) were always regular meals at my grandfathers place.
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Originally posted by marc37:
.. Grass = super mega nutrition
I think you have been smoking this, not eating it right? How else could you come up with these things?
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