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Wool-Linen Glen Plaid Suit Outfit Feedback

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I saw this wool-linen glen plaid suit a bit a go and really liked it but couldn't see myself using it in the near future.  As luck would have it, I have a wedding to attend in a month or so and thought this would be perfect... wanted to run by SF for any feedback/suggestions.



Suit: Italian Wool-Linen blend glen plaid with peak lapels







Tie: Purple or Green knit silk tie ?


Shirt: white cutaway collar (or maybe the same cut but white with blue stripes (spaced about a half inch)



Option 1: Blue suede loafers


Option 2: Bluish suede Tods drivers (actual shoe is more sky bluish/ash than these gray ones appear to be)


Option 3: Any other suggestions?  I picked the above because I thought it would be a nice sockless look for a summer wedding.  Should I go more formal?



All white or white with blue piping linen pocket square.

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Like the suit. Don't think either tie works. Hate the shirt (collar), shoes, and whole idea of going sockless.
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First, the model could use a shave. smile.gif

I'd like the suit a lot more if it were a little longer. (For that matter, I'd also prefer wider lapels and losing the ticket pocket, and to be perfectly honest, I just don't care for trim-fitting suits in the first place, but since you're offering this suit for comment, I have to assume that this is the sort of suit you like.)

I'd like to know what percentage of the suit is wool, and what percentage is linen, but the J. Crew website is curiously silent on this point. Are we talking 5% linen, 35% linen, 70% linen? It matters. (It'd matter less if I could actually see the suit in question. But when limited to a small photo, such details can be valuable.)

I like silk knit ties, but I'm not wild about either of the two in question. You know, the idea of a solid, green silk knit actually sounds pretty good, but I'd want a darker green. Just because it's summer, and you want to look a little casual, doesn't mean you can't wear a darker tie. The suit's pretty light, and the shirt will be light, so a moderately dark tie adds a little contrast.

I'd prefer a solid shirt, to a striped one. And I don't like the combination of cutaway collar with knit tie. The cutaway collar just seems a little formal to me, as opposed to something more casual, like a buttondown collar. Whereas a knit tie is a relatively informal sort of tie. That formal/informal pairing doesn't work for me, when the elements are as closely linked as shirt collar and tie.

I very much dislike the idea of going sockless when wearing a suit, for reasons which have been thoroughly addressed in multiple past SF threads.

Driving shoes are best worn for driving. Not for a wedding where you'll probably be outside your car much of the time, perhaps even walking around or dancing.

But do bear in mind, I'm biased in favor of conservative, traditional dress, and am in my 50's. So my opinions may simply have little relevance to you, and almost certainly have little relevance to J. Crew's marketing strategy for that suit. But you did ask.
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Hmm... those are all good points...  especially the bright woven tie vs cutaway collar.


Thanks for your input.  I'm leaning towards a slightly more traditional look after having tried the whole thing on and with the points you raised.  Maybe a darker green woven tie as you had mentioned on a solid white shirt.  Or a solid light blue with a dark brown tie.  Any view on a black bow tie on a white shirt?  I thought it wasn't quite right, but I liked a similar look. 



Still not sure about the shoes.  I like the tasseled loafers, but also saw a few other examples of a glen plaid with traditional shoes that I rather liked.




As for the wool-linen blend... I don't know off hand, but its got a slightly coarse texture almost like raw silk, but a lot finer and not with as many imperfections (for lack of a better word).  It definitely doesn't drape like a wool suit.

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Originally Posted by MHalberstram View Post

Maybe a darker green woven tie as you had mentioned on a solid white shirt.
Hard to go wrong with a white dress shirt. Yeah, it's nice that the days when one had to wear a white shirt with a suit are over. But just because it's no longer the only acceptable shirt choice, doesn't mean it's not sometimes a perfectly sound choice.
Any view on a black bow tie on a white shirt?
I don't like it unless you're wearing a tuxedo. It says to me, "I'm going for the black tie look, but I lack the balls to do it right and put on a tux."

Even if it doesn't mean this, that's just the first thing that occurs to me. And I bet a whole lot of other people would see white shirt and black bow tie, and think something similar. So don't do it.

Although white shirt and non-black bow tie could work nicely. I mean, it depends on the tie, really. But a lightweight, light color suit, a white shirt, and a bow tie, at a summer wedding, can work great and be 100% appropriate.

Let me add that I really like wearing a buttondown collar, when wearing a bow tie. It's always struck me as the classic pairing of collar to tie. Even some of the people who just don't accept buttondown collars with suits will make an exception when a bow tie is worn. Just saying, is all.

BTW, although you didn't mention if this will be an outdoor wedding, if it is, such that it's likely to be a little warm, please do make sure to wear an undershirt. Even if you normally don't wear one. Somewhat contrary to what you might think, it can actually leave you feeling cooler, not warmer. And it'll likely keep your shirt looking much better than it would otherwise. (I feel ridiculous having to tell someone this. A part of me believes that it's insulting to remind anyone above the age of 6 to don appropriate underwear. But I figure better I remind you unnecessarily, than you not realize the benefit of wearing an undershirt, and wind up attending the wedding in a perspiration-soaked shirt.)
Still not sure about the shoes.  I like the tasseled loafers
Me too. I wore tassel loafers today, in fact. With a suit.

Some folks insist that loafers aren't appropriate when wearing a suit, but at least in much of the US, that's just not so much a rule, as it is a preference shared by a minority of people. 'Course, there are loafers, and there are loafers. Some strike me as looking great with a suit, particularly for a slightly more casual look. Others strike me as being a terrible mismatch.

BTW, if you really want to look good at the wedding, consider wearing a boutonniere. Yeah, it's maybe a touch archaic, but hey, you can still get away with it at a wedding. If you go this route, make sure to have a boutonniere loop sewn onto the back of your lapel, and open up the buttonhole on your lapel which is sewn shut about 95% of the time. The guy to whom you take your suits for alterations can probable do these things for you under 5 minutes, at very modest expense. Wear a small to semi-mid-sized flower, not some oversized floral display. A real flower - not a silk or wool thing. Any decent florist shop should be able to fix you up with something appropriate, which you can pick up shortly before heading off to the wedding.

It's the sort of thing which all too few men bother doing anymore, but it's quite wedding-appropriate, and it'll cost you next to nothing. And unlike so many details which some people on SF think matter, but which are utterly invisible to anyone who isn't... well, someone who frequents SF, this is a detail which will get a little notice. And almost all of the notice will be positive.
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Would you guys prefer walnut strands or brown fifth avenues with this suit? (To a wedding as well)
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