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To all my workwear, menswear, gothninja, ameritrad, prepcore, normcore, dieselpunk, urbanchic, and otherwise fashionably (or anti-fashionably)-inclined brethren,

No longer must you live in solitude. No longer must you leave your homes solely in the company of similarly-dressed individuals. No longer must you bemoan the fact that all of your friends live on the internet. There is a place for you.

GENTRY NYC on JUNE 12 in NEW YORK CITY from 6:00-8:00PM followed by DINNER with FOOD and BEER at 8:30


127 North 6th Street
Brooklyn NY

That's right. It's a walk-off. I mean meet-up. Whatever.

I will be there, hosting. And when I say hosting, I mean, like, seriously hosting. Ouran will have nothing on me. Well, to be fair, the guys at Gentry will be hosting; I will be there in a completely hollow and purely talismanic capacity, promoting the facilitation of group synergy in Fok's place. If I can find the store, I mean. I don't even know what Brooklyn is. It's one of those places that I hear about, like Lemuria, but might only exist in Beastie Boys songs. Regardless, that's where I'll be, and I'll be ready to trade knowing, slightly-awkward smiles with you.

Come hang out. Gentry NYC stocks all of your favorites: Junya, SNS Herning, TS(S), Engineered Garments (That TWO Suzukis in ONE PLACE), Needles, Nanamica, The Real McCoy's, Arpenteur, and even Barena. Here's their website.

They'll also be stocking a selection of refreshments for your pleasure. That's a pretty cool thing for them to do. They sound like pretty cool people.

This is an open, rad, totally inclusive and awesome event. Although it's listed as a Streetwear meet, that is only because I am crass and biased and rude. Our Classic Menswear compatriots are, of course, invited. Your friends are invited. Your colleagues are invited. Your SO (s) is (are) invited. Your grandmother is especially invited, and I will smile at her personally and make her feel 100% welcome and talk to her about Renee Lalique or fine china or Iron Chef or whatever it is that she would like to talk about, because that's the kind of person I am. Come if you're from New York, come if you're from New Jersey, come if you're from DC or Boston or Rhode Island or all those other states that are down there in those weird twiddly bits of the East Coast that I can never remember.

There's probably some quote about water in the desert that I could use here, but look: we're going to hang out at a rad store staffed by rad people and stuffed full of rad clothes, we're going to nerd out about fashun and life and whatever else you feel like talking about, and then we're going to go eat rad food. And I'm going to leave the next morning and forget about all of you.

We are still in the process of deciding on a location for dinner. Recommendations are welcome; but it will be in the area and it will be easy and it will be fun.

We'd love to start getting a head count so that the guys at Gentry know what kind of hurricane is about to descend on their shop. It'd be great to get folks who know they'll be able to make it to RSVP - but if you wander in on the night of, or just want to stop by for drinks and dinner, we'll welcome you with open arms and we'll make a toast to camaraderie. Together.
  • No double-dipping. It doesn't matter if it's the other side of the cracker, it's still not allowed
  • Party Fouls, including spillage (or the aforementioned double-dip), will be met with swift and merciless reprisal and, in severe cases, may be grounds for purple nurples or wedgies. A neutral third-party will be appointed to adjudicate in instances when appropriate remonstrance cannot be agreed upon.
  • You are allowed to be shy, introverted, quiet, loud, reserved, gregarious, or anything else at all. We are an equal-opportunity forum and I am an equal-opportunity facilitator of synergy
  • You must be willing to have fun
  • It is possible that you will be called out by dudes from the internet for being a dude from the internet
  • Even if that's a little awkward at first, it'll be okay
  • Seriously, it'll be okay
  • I mean, you don't have to worry at all
  • We're all in this together
  • Let's hug
  • All duels are to end at first blood. Champions may be indicated in advance, but must be agreed upon by both parties.

Look. It's simple. On June 12th, at 6:00PM, get your butt over to Gentry, come hang out with some cool guys and girls, and enjoy yourself. That's my plan. I look forward to seeing all of you there. RSVP below.
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wow. an ouran reference.

(yes, that's my takeaway)
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This means you're coming, right?
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Loved this

•It is possible that you will be called out by dudes from the internet for being a dude from the internet
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perhaps.... foo.gif
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I'm only going if nahneun doesn't :angry:

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I'm only going to go to deny c4est's presence stirpot.gif
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I will look forward to meeting nahneun and/or re-meeting c4est.
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ill bring the kratom
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dammit! i'm leaving for a trip that very morning.

i will attend future potentially awkward social gatherings, though...
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think I'm in. would be good to finally meet some people. looking forward to all those moments when, after telling people my real name, i have to tell them my handle so they know who i am.
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Thank you for the invitation. Unfortunately, I am already booked for a Fedora Lounge meet up for that evening.
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"Hi, I'm realnameA."
"Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm realnameB."

The two stare blankly at each other unsure of what to say next.

"Uhhh.... so.... who ARE you....?"
"Uhhh.... I'm pickpackpockpuck..."
"Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! p4!!!! Wow! So good to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you on sf."
"Oh, that's cool. So... who are you again?"

Awkward silence ensues.
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basically what I'm imagining will happen for the first twenty minutes
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

wow. an ouran reference.

(yes, that's my takeaway)

as soon as i read that i heard the collective *whoosh* of it going over styleforum's head
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