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A general question about some questions on here...

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i see a lot of people asking questions about if you should wear this or this to a certain function. my question: are the functions you guys go to generally occupied by people who know ANYTHING about clothing? i just ask b/c if i were to go to some kind of function here locally, outside of wearing a heavy cashmere sweater in the middle of july, nobody would know anything was either right or wrong with what you're wearing (this question was kind of prompted by someone's seersucker question). if the poeple there know what's up, then i understand, just curious
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Generally, the functions I go to are with people that know little to nothing about clothing. The same goes for my place of work. But -- and here's the catch -- mostly all of them DO know when someone looks "different" in that they look better than everyone else -- they notice that the suit fits perfectly, that the shoes are of unmistakable quality, etc. In the end, however, I like to dress well for myself, not for others. It makes me feel better, more comfortable, and makes me work and act more confidently. It also makes me more attractive to my fiance/wife at the end of the day -- and that means A LOT.
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Just my two cents: when I wonder about acceptability of clothing at an event, I'm wondering three things: 1. Will I be ostentatious? This would apply to the seersucker question. Few people would necessarily say "I don't think, according to my established, firm rules, that seersucker is appropriate after dark." But they may well say, "What's that guy wearing?" 2. If I am going to be very careful and choose appropriate, flattering clothing (and I've alread chosen carefully in my purchases) I don't want to make a simple mistake that offends anyone's sensibility, even if I personally think it's ok. For instance, someone to say, "How could a guy who obviously cares about his clothes wear a cashmere turtleneck in August?" 3. Last, will doubts regarding either of these question, or others, affect my own confidence. This is the most important; everyone will likely agree that we shouldn't worry so much what others think, and also that our dress, ideally, will look effortless. Sorry for the ramble, haven't posted in awhile, I was due.   I agree with discostu that the laity won't know and often won't care about our sartorial choices, but I think it's good to know if one is violating accepted rules, even if one thinks it looks good, no matter the rules.
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Last, will doubts regarding either of these question, or others, affect my own confidence
anywhere i go, i always think i'm the best looking, best dressed person there, even if i'm not wearing supernice clothing. it sounds arrogant and conceited, but it's more a state of mind, but then again, i am in west texas and the style-o-meter isn't exactly at 10 out here.
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I think the first thing that will distinguish a person from everybody else sartorially is coordination. Coordination of colors, styles, something is lacking in most men's dress. If you are properly coordinated you will look every time and for every function, regardless if you are hanging around with friends or going to opening night at the met. As well, I personally dress well only for myself; I like to look good for me. Just because other people notice is a nice byproduct. Jon.
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I know you'll all say be true to yourself about the quality of stuff -- i.e. "You'll know and be secure that what you have on is quality ... yada ..." And I do in fact try to take care to get the real merch. Now, that said, the only shoes I ever got comments on in the office were this pair of Skecher copies of Kenneth Coles that I wore in foul weather. They weren't even crappy Kenneth Coles -- they only aspired to be crappy shoes. They were things I put on my feet to deflect winter salt. It is baffling and maddening.
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I've been to the TTUHSC Lance and I think you've got it dead on. Can't imagine Kiton appearing in that building.
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at the TTUHSC building??? what??? if you saw me there was a very slight chance i was wearing a kiton, but you're right, i'm probably the only one and as you know the Dr's there make significantly more than i do.
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