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Patinated shoes

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I often read of the beauty and superiority of well-cared for, old shoes that have natural patina. Almost all of the pictures I see on here are of beautiful new purchases. Does anyone have pictures of your "old" (a relative term) shoes to show how they look and have held up? Perhaps some that have been recrafted as well?
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i have some A-E 'Sanford' brogues out at the cobbler getting resoled right now. they're only 3 or 4 years old though; not much time for patination. but they do have some marks on the toe where i have clumsily scratched them on things like car door bottoms. so we'll see what they can do about that. i'll try to take some pictures when i get them back. i too am interested in seeing pix of good old shoes. closeups. /andrew
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Sorry, no pictures. My only good quality dress shoes are two days old, but I already love them. =) However, walking through San Francisco on Saturday, I looked at everyone's feet (I was on my way to buy shoes). I was amazed at how easy it was to tell quality footwear. There were many pairs of well worn but high quality dress shoes, and they were gorgeous. BUT, I can only say that about the browns. I didn't notice any old, patina'd shoes in black. Perhaps black doesn't age the same way? -Tom
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I have been buying quality shoes since the late 60's. The models that I have which seem to develop the most [good] character with age seem to be plain toe brogues in smooth or very small grain in lighter shades of brown/English tan, such as the Church's Shannon model in redish tan (Sandalwood)pictured in black only at This great shoe is discussed and pictured in "Gentlemen: A Timeless Fashion" by Bernhard Roetzel, but he only notes that this model in the Sandalwood color is very popular in Italy and southern Europe.   Another good one is the Alden 947 small grain brogue in brown, either with the Plantation crepe sole. See or with the regular sole. I have both shoes, but unfortunately not the right camera. My Shannon, about 30 years old, is so beautifully patinated that I save it only for special occasions. I should send it back to Church for re-crafting, as the welt is crumbling away.
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