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The What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT) Discussion Thread, Part II - Page 373

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try it with a shirt underneath that's either longer or shorter than it is?
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fwiw, i think that is a great look
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keep. I always like it. The only thing it doesn't jive with sometimes is your artisan footwear. I like it with a tee - even thought about trying to hunt one down.

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wear it with adidas campus
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I say keep it, it looks great on you, it fit me like shit, super wonky shoulders and I'd bought it from your fits
should look good with some faded denim + white t, grey boots or white sneakers (seahawks cap optional)
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I think it looks pretty good on you. There are probably pants that would work better with it that are still casual. I think it needs a bit more taper to the below the knee block. I feel like most of the peir wu pants have the shape to them.
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That´s a solid look, nicely: can´t see what´s wrong with just wearing it with tees. Jackets as that one or blazers work great with tees if paired well.

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I don't know, it actually looks a bit better in the picture.. the pants and tees are quite messy and casual, whereas the jacket is quite clean. It fits into snowman's wardrobe so much better than mine
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if it bothers you then it really doesnt matter what we think because itll keep nagging at you!

But id keep it around just because its so nice and i feel like u probably have a few clean pants u can wear with it if u ever feel like rocking that vibe smile.gif
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I like the boots a lot NN.

jacket is a bit wide in teh shoulder ~
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I have your username bookmarked so I can act instantly whenever you put more pants up for sale
Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

same basic thing as last time, just a bit looser...

geller linen drifter jacket
uniqlo cotton flannel shirt
damir wool crepe trousers
wjk calf boots
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reigning champ
nicolas andreas taralis
bagjack/effector(no vis)
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The new challenge thread is up and can be found HERE.


Make sure you go post something, how else are you going to win the hearts and minds of SW&D?







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That a beautiful fit and fabric

Also that Devoa jacket is beautiful above.. that the cashmere one from Re-porter, yeah? Excellent

Appreciate the feedback RE: Peir Wu jacket. Ultimately decided to let it go (sale pending). Changed out of it, so I get to subject y'all to another fit pic:

American Apparel
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