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Originally Posted by Preemo View Post

Hey Fuuma, nice to read you here smile.gif thanks for ur feedbacks, always interesting.

I am ok with you, I have some vintage like this one and revisited ones by current labels / designers but I haven't found this cut and its details anywhere. The fit is closed to a modern piece compared to the majority of vintage pieces (imo). And to be honest, I prefer to spend 30$ for it than the 400 for a visvim which doesn't fit me as well (if I found a vis for 200, maybe i would change my mind oc ^^ )

 : you rock again. I like to see some combo / silhouette I have never seen before !

I like noragis in isolation, I'm just not sure people just wear them as styling pieces. Yours look quite nice and the Visvim one is ridiculous (and not a fashion version, just a modern copy).
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Originally Posted by Wupper View Post

In 4 decades of living in Germany I have never ever seen someone wearing a coat + birks.

Well jacket + birks, ze German I know did it today. He also wears socks with his birks from time to time (older german).
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Originally Posted by oulipien View Post

That's certainly possible, but I don't see how you could differentiate an allusion (N.B.) to the Kennedy speech from (merely) an ingenuously over-literal translation from the English. Ehrlich!

Just a guess but anglo-saxons tend to think of this sentence first unless they already speak German.
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wish I had better lighting in my office 


Inis Meain / RgT / Viberg

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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

@RegisDB9 If I may...
You pretty much always look money. The color combos show forethought and the pieces fit you very well. Obviously, you put the work in health and exercise wise. The only "problem" I see is an incogruency between your inspiration fotos (mmm lookbook, Scarface, etc), and posts of yourself. Basically, you look sharp and fit, but the "inspiration" fotos seem looser... more louche. Again, it's a nitpick, and a critique you may justifiably choose to ignore. Might be something you decide investigate further tho. Of course, @Fuuma may completely disagree.

Thanks for the words my friend. I have actually recently attempted to do a more relaxed aesthetic, but in the end I just feel more comfortable (go figure) in the slimmer wears. I used to be the tall thin kid wearing roca-wear and tall t's back in high school and when I grew out of my gangsta phase, I did a 180 into slimmer/fitted clothing and have essentially never looked back. I really enjoy the slim fits because I feel that it is more me, yet my inspirations are just as you say mostly relaxed kind of disheveled looks. What I like to do is take those looks and make them more me by you guessed it! doing a slimmer/fitted version. I am a huge fan of the relaxed fits around here though. I just got my hands on some cream SS10 Margiela pants with a 70’s style cut so maybe I’ll start there. Come to think about it I have about 6 pieces including a suit that would fall in the slouchy/ relaxed category….so I’m not a total loss haha

If I could get my hands on it, I would do this whole season (SS10) as is:

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Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

Does it make a difference that this shirt was linen and unbuttoned halfway down? I agree the footwear choice is not ideal but I felt it was pretty congruent

Well you're on vacation with limited stuff and it def isn't jarring. I just find loafers more congruent with the place and look.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Nice to see that Dries piece. Waffled a lot over it at Totokaelo, although maybe that was a different colorway.


I think the base was the same color, the Toto one just had a red trim vs. black trim on the one I have. I like it a lot. 

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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Kind of dissapointed I didnt get a Fumma Feview®

I'm not down with the MMM full zip stuff (aside from certain jackets like the 5 zips and some wool ones) so I can't really say much. Your angle is also weird and when I can't see hairstyle there's not much left. I like pretty much all your suiting and tux shirts variants though and you're perfect for the wide shouldered jacket they sometimes make. I tried on the new suede jacket you have several times at the boutique and also liked it a lot, very easy to wear and one of the best versions around.
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

Céline, mon dieu! T'es une énorme pute de mode.

Isn't the white a little flat for the luxurious pants?

Putain j'ai explosé de rire hahaha

Le fut est peut etre un peu long mais je l'ai deja fait raccourcir et e mouvement ça rend bien cool, j'hésite a retirer quelques cm et etre décu par le tombé apres :/



Dries Van Noten SS16


Dries Van Noten AW14

Maison Martin Margiela SS99 

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That is really good. Especially the jacket. Would love to get a hold of that.
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That's a great fi
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Whoa, Fokken, are those the OG paint boots with the square toe? Awesome find!!
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