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Oh no, no apostrophe at all. I'm envisioning a world where wardrobe boredom can be solved not with shopping but with communication, understanding, and a willingness to experiment
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Everything I know about Korean I learned from manhwa. I also learned that if I go to Korea, 

1) I will immediately be attacked by punks trained in the martial arts
2) Everyone single person I meet will be some kind of company heir/heiress and/or Ultimate Fighting Champion
3) If I ever leave the hotel, someone will try to fight me
4) I'll have to be drunk all the time
5) Once I'm drunk, I'll have to fight people

all of these are jackie chan movie tropes, only 4 is true about korea
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holy shit it's aeglus
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@kindofyoung That is a good one. Clean and minimalist overall, with the stacks on trousers running counter to that in a good way for me. Nice cut on the trousers too.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

I think when you've finally found a groove it's ok to settle in and enjoy it for a little while... but ultimately we're only growing as long as we're changing. Stagnation is death.

This might be true in terms of personal development, but in terms of clothes, it doesn't matter if you "grow" or not. All of this stuff is inconsequential and ultimately meaningless. The only real measure of value is if you're deriving enjoyment out of it or not.
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but don't you enjoy where you're at more than where you were? And would you be where you are now if you hadn't tried to move from where you were? I see clothing as a form of self-expression and as a tool to uncover or develop the self and when an authentic experience is achieved, ie your clothes match who you are, then that's enjoyment. That, and the enjoyment of trying something new and it having the intended effect. Whether the effect is to blend in amongst people of a different group, or to discover something new about yourself, etc. So I think there's enjoyment to be had by both standing still as well as trying new things, and my original point was that there are always ups and downs, the contendness thread and the recent purchases thread but the show must go on. Either adapt or die, keep moving forward and trying new things or get left behind. Happiness is all relative and that little bit of dissatisfaction, that back of the mind tickle that says it wasn't good enough, or someone else is better, or I'm bored and want the excitement of some more risk, etc is what keeps us waking up tomorrow to try and do it again, but better than today. The same thing today brings us less joy tomorrow. So we must keep moving forward!

And if you're going to be as large scale existential as to say well it's all meaningless anyway, well sure, but i can't argue with that. The meaning only happens becuase we choose to make it meaningful. Are clothes 'important', well not really, but then again who cares about painting and music and landscaping, etc. There's something inside us that emotionally connects to these expressions and that makes them 'meaningful'.
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i don't think you should approach a hobby rooted in consumption as if it were some sort of self improvement. refining your style doesn't build character. you don't need to change your style if you're content with it.
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I wear pants on the outside because pants is how I feel on the inside.
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Luxire/Big John/Novesta
Or untucked? (Click to show)
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What's the hat?
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Really like that look^^^.  The jacket and hat work perfect together.  


If the jeans were higher waisted, I would prefer the tuck 

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That's awesome, @kindofyoung - is that your new Luxire coat?


Really love the top half @FrankCowperwood (hat included), but I actually feel it would work better with some different pants. Maybe something non-jeany and more flowy?

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on @FrankCowperwood's advice

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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