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Sorry to unclose your closure, but I think the Margiela suits are great on you. And they really have a different look altogether from the other brands mentioned. Margiela has a specific cut and look that you would lose if you went with Kiton or whatever/etc.

I find Margiela louche but not excessively so in a distinctive and familiar way that I like for myself as well.

So keep doing what you are doing--which is what you were going to do anyway regardless of my post--but consider this an unqualified thumbs up on that decision.
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excellent reply, regis. keep on being you. note, i only say that because you dont dress like crap. people who dress like crap should not be told that. they need to be someone else, or a better version of themselves.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

no margiela suiting has a particular silhouette - boxy shoulders, high armholes, a very '80s style european eurotrash/club vibe. the sleeves are long, low button points, lots of single-vents.

This is the best silhouette though.
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It is if you're an actual cool dude like Regis, the rest of us nerds just look like we're playing Miami Vice dress up in that
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It looks good on lots of people.

The soft tailoring police have gone way too far with peoples sensibilities. Yes, some unstructured jackets look good if it fits the styling. But low buttoning points and slightly extended shoulders looks freaking awesome when it's done well.
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Just kidding (for the most part), but the structured look works better with someone like Regis' physique than random skinny internet teenager #14
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again, I CBF with the dress-for-you-body-type conversation but plenty of skinny dudes look good in structured tailoring.
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Hi there, I'm taller on the internet


I'm thinking that buttoning this blazer or wearing it with a tie maybe just over-exaggerates its shortness and I should stick to just wearing it casually, and open.


DETAILS (Click to show)






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I actually like the jacket's length here
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tbh there are very few posters on here whos style i like and would also want to dress as, and of those even fewer that id actually be able to wear in a way thats congruent with my setting but still fun for me. Of those is regis and his use of MMM icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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SVB, with the button stance and quarters of that SC, id wear it open for a more breezy vibe.
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First in a long time. Kapital kogin outlaw cap and Garbstore and Indigo Farms Judo jacket. Double overpainted.
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great fabric, really like that.

Kinda want a dinner jacket in a fabric like that.
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Looks good - nice job on the painting. The jacket's a nice piece unpainted, but that does add something.
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Honestly I think that trying to give Regis advice on how he should dress feels like trying to teach Mark Knopfler to play the guitar.


He's one of the best dressed here by far. Not to mention that he'd probably be the best dressed to 99% of people outside SF, in the 'real world' where 95% of people don't care about clothes. The goth-ninja-hobo-from-the-future look will only be appreciated in a few places like SF/SZ.


Spacepope's outfits, to name someone who masters that kind of look, are not going to impress most people who are not into clothes. And don't even mention how much one of his fits cost, they would have a hard time trying to believe it.


Not saying that anyone should care about what others think about the way they dress, but I'd say people appreciating it is a plus.

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