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I was posting in response to the wal-mart meth dudes, not the Cuban hipsters smile.gif
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Are they hipsters? Or is the style if you're young, fun, and like to dance global? As opposed to the style of young, not so fun, and post on the Internet on Saturday night. But maybe that's global too - who else is with me, typing in their Devoa and Rick stooges??
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i dunno about y'all but it's sunday morning and i'm watching football in my underwear eating chocolate
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lol gg vontaze burfict and adam jones setting up the steelers for the game winning field goal with back to back personal fouls
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I am watching some crazy ass football
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I'm making beef braised in Barolo! Fingers crossed it works out; otherwise that's 80 bucks down the drain 😥
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A $25 Cote de Rhone would be indistinguishable from the Barolo after a couple hours of cooking....hope it comes out great!
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Originally Posted by newyear1 View Post


I like your collection of carpets.  Those look like Maghrebi designs, yes?  Those very "squary" geometric patterns.  Are they old/historic/with a story?  The one on the extreme left, third from the top, is beautiful!  Putting them together in a 'patchwork quilt' like dissonance of mismatched colours doesn't really work and it's indignity to those noble carpets.  It's like those houses owned by Stanley van Buren-like peoples' fathers...where there is a giant patchwork quilt-carpet made from the sewn together skin of every animal in Africa...lion, leopard, cheetah, zebra, sable antelope, etc etc.  All of Mother Nature's magnificence jammed together, turned ugly, and cast to the floor....

I have decided to civilise myself more for my New years resolution, and am thinking of getting good/traditional carpets rather than the Ikea junk I have now which is shit anyways covered with twin fluids...
Looks like Jimmy Fallon.
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Sunglasses: Wayfarer fakes
Coat, slacks and boots: Margiela
Shirt: Nina Ricci pour homme (vintage)
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Really nice @Fuuma. Colors are wonderful.

@penanceroyaltea how did it turn out?
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Fumma, that is boss. Same shoes as the other picture?
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Looks great @Fuuma.

Suffering with a filthy cold on Saturday:

Christys cap
Uniqlo long sleeve T
Jean Shop 'Rocker'
DM 1460's - wish they were a slightly darker grey, but were a gift from the wife and still much appreciated.
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dark grey (or even black) shoe cream? i've made light tan shoes a couple of shades darker
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^ I've done that too on a pair of margiela boots, took them from light grey to dark grey then wore them hard until they faded to a mid grey, then later sanded them a bit to take them back to light grey
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