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Quality of suits at barneys

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(Long time no post...) So there's a Barneys outlet here that I was browsing through, and I came across a couple of different suits that I was interested in... there were several Hugo Boss suits with "Barneys" tags sewn in as well, and then a few John Varvatos suits as well.. the pricing was very appealing on them, and so I'm wondering two things: -Where in the range of Hugo Boss suits do the ones that are sold cobranded with the Barneys label fall? -How do John Varvatos suits compare to other brands in terms of quality? Input appreciated...
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I don't know about the John Varvatos suits. The Hugo Boss suits -- provided they do not say "Baldessarini" on the inside jacket pocket tag -- are mid-range fused suits. As far as fused goes, many people here think that they are one of the better fused suits out there. To be honest, I'm not quite buying that -- the Hugo Boss don't even have canvassed lapels, which many fused suits do. If I remember correctly, Hugo Boss is priced at about $499 or so at the outlets. That is WAY WAY WAY too much to spend, I think -- unless of course you absolutely need a suit right away. I remember looking at the Barney's house label suits at their outlet and was actually much more impressed with the fit and cut of those suits as compared to the Boss's. I think the house labels are $400, which is at least approaching a good price for them. But, when it comes down to it, if you have decided to purchase something from the Barney's outlet, you should choose on fit. Unless I am missing something about the Varvatos suits, the quality differences between the Varvatos, Barney's, and Boss suits are negligible.
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I can't speak about all Barney's outlets, but the one near me carries a brand called Piatelli for $499. It appears to be full-canvas with some detailing like pick stitching and would be a better buy than the Boss suits.
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