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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Super awesome, Gerry.

Yah, DC, please dont ever do that pose again. uhoh.gif



Thanks, in stitches. Glad you liked it!

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Originally Posted by jungleroller View Post Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

 want to compliment you on the lapels and the high gorge, which I like. But from  the other shots-  (could be the angle)  IMO the shoulders don't suit you as well as a natural would- hell, I don't think pagodas suit anyone much unless they are tailored really well.

Originally Posted by kulata View Post

The jacket isn't pagoda (Formosa?), it's just shoulder extension. I think natural shoulders won't work well on his build since he has narrow shoulders and he should get structured jackets. To be honest soft shoulders really isn't for a lot of people and many will be better served with an armored English cut.
Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

 was referri
ng to the appearance-  sorry JR but i
 don't thi
 the shoulders r
ng- but as i sad 
b4.  could be the angle
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Originally Posted by EliodA View Post

As far as I can tell from that pic, that jacket has classic roped shoulders. But it looks like @jungleroller has sloping shoulders, so his jacket doesn't quite follow his shoulder line and that makes for the faux pagoda look.

This is more of a straight on shot as the other one I was kind of turned towards 3/4 view. I didn't know what pagoda shoulders were until you guys mentioned it here. It's a Formosa, it does seem to extend my shoulders a bit which I'm fine with as I have pretty narrow shoulders and birthing hips so this kind of hides that fact. They're definitely different but I'm actually quite fond of how they look and I like a bit of the roped shoulder as well. With my other jackets having less structure I feel like they do less to flatter my funky shape. They make me feel more round.

Formosa in question with a more straight on view.





That looks better- :satisfied:  Nice fit.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

I sometimes very much like a BD with a tie.


I thought 'Stitchy'll probably like this' when I was putting this together this morn.  How weird is that?


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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

How weird is that?
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Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

I actually think that was a really nice use of the darker shirt, but it would certainly be a bit safer to go for a lighter one.

JHT, though I really like both the tie and the jacket, I do agree that they aren't quite perfect for each other. Is the tie a knit?

Yes, tie is a knit. I've also got the same tie in navy. On reflection it does look a bit busy. Might try something similar with a solid tie later on in the week smile.gif
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Spread >  BD most of the time I agree, but for a bit of variety I think a BD is a groovy option IMO, especially with a more casual look where the shape of the jacket lapels and the tie allow it..  Agnelli loved them anywhere, anytime.






I don't follow the no tie with BD tho Musquy.   

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But Agnelli basically wore them as if they were not BD shirts, Pliny.
And that's (part of) why it looks right on him. IMO, that is. smile.gif
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I wear BD:s most of the time. If I had to choose one type of shirt to wear all the time it would be an OCBD, but spread looks better with the more uniform looks + more formal stuff (of course).
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Funny, I realise their formality but I can now only wear them without a tie, which is as informal an application as you can get.
I find a cutaway gives a sharper look to an open neck shirt than points or spreads. Button downs I prefer without ties and are the only collars which take a sweater properly IMO.
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Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post

Very nice, but I think a paler blue, pink or even - shock! - white shirt would be even better here.

Thanks; I agree on the lighter blue shirt, but I don't like white shirts with brown ties.
Originally Posted by spectre View Post

SANDER - where to those suits and shirts come from?

The shirt is a (semi-succesful) luxire, the suit is from Sartoria De Togni, Verona.
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Been away for a couple of weeks' skiing. First at Thredbo, then over the pond to NZ where I kopped a day each at Coronet Peak, Cardrona and finally my fave, Treble Cone. The latter has over 700m of vertical drop and plenty of double-diamond chutes, which is, y'know, kinda my thang. Thredbo on the other hand has nearly as much vertical drop, but features less of the steeps and more of the big sweeping GS-style runs. I suppose you could say that Treble Cone is to Whistler as Thredbo is to Blackcomb. Now all they need is a whopping great gondola strung between the two.


Back to work today though. [sigh]





Canali - Lardini - SuitSupply - Kent Wang - Omega - Canali - Carmina

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Today's tie is Charvet, which requires a very neutral background - between suit and shirt, I think that I have achieved neutrality.

Suit - BBGF Regent
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - Charvet
Cufflinks - Turnbull & Asser
Shoes - Finsbury, Paris

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Posting a more casual fit as I genuinely want opinions on it.





M&S jacket (from a suit - I will be getting a blazing soon though)

Benetton sweater

Levi's 519s

Vans Rata Vulc


Jacket off (Click to show)
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Cox - one of your best there IMO.
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