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Suit: Orazio Luciano

Shirt: Zegna Couture

Tie: Berg & Berg

PS: Shibumi

Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Cufflinks: Howard's

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Originally Posted by Mr Engineer View Post

@SYCSYC your pants crease look amazing. Any tips?


Nope, just trying to follow Murlsquirl's good advices



Originally Posted by OmarDubaibanker View Post

@SYCSYC I miss seeing the Eiffel Tower in your pics! Did you move house?


That's right, sadly enough I moved house!




Today's blurry fit:





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Suit: SuitSupply
Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt
Tie: Howard's
Shoes: Meermin
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Originally Posted by Michael81 View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Nice SC, and a nice fit in general - except for the tie. A knit, wool-based or grenadine tie in a muted tone would be more appropriate.


Shiny ties should be avoided at all cost.

Thanks. It was my first day wearing the coat. Those Italians sure know how to make some nice clothes. But does anyone else find that the body of current Corneliani sports coats are cut a bit on the short side? The two size EU48 coats I have are probably what some would consider borderline too short, although they fit perfectly on my arms and torso. 


I'm no fan of shiny silk ties either. This one looks too shiny and saturated due to the strong head-on flash. In natural light, I'd say it's within the limit.


But yes, I want to expand my collection with more "dull" ties like wool and madder silk. Lusting for some Sam Hober ties, but money isn't flowing like it used to. I mostly thrift, and the really, really nice ties are not in abundance second hand where I live. I did find a few keepers on 70% off sale recently – wool/silk/linen mixes. I'll post some combinations soon.   

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An unposed candid, shot by a professional at a recent family event. The suit is by Hemrajani from London Lounge RAF Blue Brisetta, tie by Jack Simpson Couture, square by Simonnot-Godard. I think (hope) the collar gap is because I'm standing with my hands clasped behind my back in the best Duke of Edinburg manner. I would appreciate hearing others' thoughts on that, though. I have'n noticed a problem in other shots of this suit.

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Just putting this here for people who enjoy posting photos of their outfits: Current Friday Challenge

The deadline is on the 29th of October so there is plenty of time.


@StanleyVanBuren Damn, that is a clean fit. I didn't know you were posting suit fits over here.

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Originally Posted by Poszetka View Post
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That's a great outfit. I especially like the tie.
Where is it from?

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The ultra-rare outdoor shot. I need to work on my selfie skillz.



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Tiger of Sweden



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By popular demand, no head:


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Not to pile on Isolation, it does make it much easier to focus on your clothes!

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In fact, that's the reason my hair is that long; it allows me to cover it up in case I cause traffic accidents.

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That has to be the silliest thing I have ever heard. If you want to post your head in the picture, post your head. Shame on anyone who tells you otherwise. Shame on me if I misunderstood this all being a joke lol


I really like that jacket and the length of the pants is better than the last fit. Nice!

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