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Roy those cords fit you very nicely. One of your best trouser fits I've seen
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Thank you wigglr.

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...And now, for something seasonal, a portrait of Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, (made entirely out of Halloween candy) and I at Sweet Hollywood.

For those who might be wondering what's in the bag I'm holding, it's a "Beverly Hills" bar (dark/white chocolate with vanilla cream, granola, coconuts, and almonds) one of a series of candy bars at Sweet Hollywood named after California cities.

Brooks Brothers silk/linen tweed jacket, ecru PPBD shirt, and tie, Tommy Hilfiger pocket square, Perry Ellis trousers, bamboo socks, and Allen-Edmonds Brogue Suede Strands.

Before anyone comments about my orange and white tie and pocket square, they are seasonal colors (in the Northern Hemisphere), they are my old school colors, and there is a faint orange windowpane plaid on both the jacket and trousers.

For those who don't live in Los Angeles and therefore don't know who Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, is......

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Formal monday in grey. I own a lot of suits, but strangely, I did not have a simple non-patterned grey suit in my dressing for the last couple of years.





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Suit: SuitSupply
Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt
Tie: Howard's
Shoes: Meermin
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It finally stopped raining today.


Inspired by @Caustic Man's Kent Wang suit.








- Brovsko

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This mistake seems to have been fixed SycSyc ! ;-) It is necessary to have this suit (should be the first in the wardrobe, but maybe it is better to wait so that you refine your sartorial taste and buy THE grey suit you really wish).
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New work picture, figured I would dress the part! Just a proof for now, will have some hi-res stuff soon.

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I really want to party with @Roycru.

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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Today, sun dappled, going to town...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Everything is great. But, those sleek shoes steal the show.
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It's autumn right, but with the sun we can keep our joy :

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@bienluienapris that's a lot of patterns, but I think you made it work. Although IMHO it would look better if tie and ps were solid.






Details (Click to show)
* Suitsupply
* Osovski shirt
* tie and ps from @Poszetka
* Benevento pants
* Herring shoes
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Heavily patterned BLEAP indeed but saved by colors beautifully presented.

Blekit nice outfit, serious one !

On my side maybe stripes are too close.

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Today wearing / tweed jacket / shantung grenadine tie / polka dots pocket square ✂️


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#79. Forgot to wash teh glue off my legs today.






Ray-Ban - SuitSupply - BB - Drake's - Victory - Albert Thurston - Carmina for Gentlemen's Footwear

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