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Originally Posted by Uunottaja View Post


Killer lapels!
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Originally Posted by gs77 View Post

Building is placed inside of what is called a "Brookfield Place", a business/office centre in downtown Toronto. Building was originally build somewhere in mid 19th century by a bank (name escapes me, as it doesn't exist today), and is now owned by the other bank. Now, not only is the building placed inside of a larger and closed steel and glass structure, it was also moved brick-by-brick from it's original place, few hundred meters north. Only in North America... 


Indeed, possibly only in Canada. My nephew in Edmonton is currently engaged in a similar project. He purchased from a developer, a grand 19th-century villa slated for demolition. I believe the purchase price was $1. My nephew proceeded to dismantle the house, wainscot by architrave, brick by numbered brick; a vacant block near the river has been purchased, and following the pouring of new footings, re-erection of the entire dwelling is about to commence this month.


Curiously, the purchased land is part of a site on which used to sit the brickworks from which said house's bricks originated. The house is coming home, as it were.


Placing an old building inside a new building is not a uniquely North American phenomenon. Here is the heritage-listed Coop's Shot Tower, now found entirely inside Melbourne Central shopping centre:



And while we're on the subject of moving heritage buildings, here's the Shanghai Concert Hall. To accommodate the construction of the elevated road visible in this photo, the entire concert hall was moved some 66 metres south, en bloc. They dug under it, constructed some kind of foundation and tracks, and slowly and carefully trundled the entire thing into its new position, millimetre by painstaking millimetre. An extraordinary feat.


Shanghai Concert Hall being moved


I'm in the rather singular position of having performed on its stage, both before and after the move.


View from the stage

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Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

I don't believe the only reason something looks good is tradition/canon. There are plenty of situations where black tie would look good, but the social connotations of it is such that it'd come across poorly. It shouldn't be hard to explain how people would react much more strangely to a tux than what is a black lounge with odd trousers. The problem is the latter "looks bad", like you lost your trousers or whatever, but that doesn't have to be the case, and there's historic precedence of the black lounge worn with odd trousers, that looked good. I don't want to adopt that mode entirely because it uses things that look too out of place (formal trousers, waistcoat), but I can duplicate the effect I feel with items that are worn in the modern day, but which ARE traditional, and traditionally styled and cut as well.

And yes it's a justification; it's my attempt to make use of a kind of outfit I like, give it place in my repertoire. I think that's reasonable. We can't always wear things that appeal to us, but it's not wrong I think to try find appropriate ways to do so.

Certainly I doubt I'll run into anyone who's annoyed by my breaking of dress norms. But I'm curious if people thinks it looks bad. I am trying to not rely on my eye alone, but use historical precedence to find combinations that have traditional roots and have worked in the past for people who dressed well. It doesn't have to catch on, it just has to look reasonably appropriate, and look good. Does to me, but I like black suits abd jackets and I know most here don't.



Originally Posted by Isolation View Post

Hey guys can I get some opinions on this?

no this is not a troll. I was going to assemble a stroller and tried this combo on and ended up liking it a lot. A modern fashion forward stroller, using traditional cuts and details perhaps? No? I kinda like it though I imagine most won't.

Obviously I can still wear this as a black suit or stroller (I have the waistcoat just need stripe trousers), so it's no big deal, but I really like this. I imagine it's suitable for situations where a black tie mood is present, but nobody wears a tux, and a black suit looks too grave. It's the correct formality (most wear suits or odd jackets) but incorporate the visual aspects that make (semi) formalwear perfect for those occasions (galas, opera, art gallery openings? That kinda thing).

The shirts use black mop so it looks a bit like tux studs. But the outfit looks clearly not trying to be a tux, just uses similar aesthetics. Could wear a bowtie too but I think might be too try hard for that reasons, could look too faux-black tie.

So, I understand your point about trying to have something that has black tie's elegance without looking like you are wearing a tuxedo at an inappropriate event. I've toyed with the idea of putting together a stroller but I simply have no use for it. I pretty much never need to wear suits much less long-dead semiformal daywear. That brings me to my next point, a stroller would be interesting if you were invited to event in which traditionally people wore morning dress but now people were expected to wear suits. You could probably throw together a stroller and enjoy wearing the lost daytime tuxedo alternative knowing that it was appropriate with everyone around you just assuming it was a suit of some sort and not caring.


However I would throw out the idea of using a pseudo-stroller for evening wear because I don't think striped trousers would look good in that context. I notice you are already wearing white or cream pants in this photo. On Black Tie Guide, the author makes the claim that in the 1940s a dark blue jacket and white flannel trousers was an acceptable warm weather alternative to less formal black tie events.


With that photo in mind, you're already pretty much there. A few things I'd change however (and these are more personal notes about how I would do it and not matters of fact). First, I would have a white linen pocket square. Second, I would avoid contrasting buttons. But I don't even use contrasting studs, so thats just me. Third, I would unbutton one or even two more buttons if you are going tieless. Two more if you want to just go full on Zoolander and cause a flamewar (I will admit I frequently have three unbuttoned in certain contexts :devil:).

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Just to add to the discussion, and in the context of @Andy57's recent black tie posts, and on the subject of strollers... Having a "need" for such things is a subjective thing. I have found that, after having put together a stroller, I have found places to wear it, in entirely appropriate times, events, and contexts. It's like having a navy suit. You have a "need" for it if you find a need for it. I suspect that now that I have finally put together a decent black tie rig I will find places and events to wear it. Indeed, I have an event coming up (opening night at the opera) in which the tux will be worn.

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In hindsight, I regret this tie with this fit.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Advice, feedback, constructive criticism, always appreciated!
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^You made the only critique I would offer: needs a more textured, casual tie.  Otherwise, quite nice.  

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

I'm in the rather singular position of having performed on its stage, both before and after the move.

Please tell more!

As for moving buildings, I read as a kid of American tycoons buying European medieval castles and moving them across the Atlantic brick by brick, that's why I always thought of it as American thing.
IMHO, not good. Houses have souls and roots.
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Originally Posted by heldentenor View Post

^You made the only critique I would offer: needs a more textured, casual tie.  Otherwise, quite nice.  

Thank you, sir!
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Thread Starter 
Blue/navy trousers should have much more texture to avoid looking like they belong with a suit.

But maybe someone more experienced with blue trousers could chime in; you could count the number of times I've worn them on a blind butcher's hand.
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^ Thank you for the feedback, Claghorn! I appreciate it. The trousers are, although it's hard to tell from the photo, a loose weave tropical wool, so they bring in a bit more texture IRL, although it is still more on the subtle side.
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Originally Posted by Thin White Duke View Post

This business of pulling the shirt collars out of the top of a roll neck sweater.

I just don't get it.


It's a thing.


Originally Posted by gs77 View Post

Please tell more!


1979 - Australian Youth Orchestra

2010-13 - Shanghai Baroque Chamber Orchestra

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Details (Click to show)
* Suitsupply
* Tyrwhitt
* tie from Miler Menswear
* ps from Poszetka
* Yanko shoes
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From the weekend:

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Hi guys,

Bit unconventional , but mehh


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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

Hi guys,

Bit unconventional , but mehh



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Might this gunclub by any chance, be the one that Edmorel was selling some mths ago?

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