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Originally Posted by colco View Post


would somone please remind me again what the point is of having the back of the tie be longer than the front of the tie?


Well, there is no point in it. 

I'd reference this excellent post by @Roycru, probably the best thing I've ever read on SF. Ever. 



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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

^love the color on that suit murl

Great shade of grey!
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Dapper Raptor :D

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Spier and Mackay

@Brovsko (Rculturi)

Howard Yount


would somone please remind me again what the point is of having the back of the tie be longer than the front of the tie?

If it's a longer tie or the pants are somewhat higher waisted, you have several options:

a) tie a knot different from 4IH
b) have the wider blade end below the belt-line
ci) have the narrow blade end below the belt-line but tuck it into the shirt
cii) have the narrow blade end below the belt-line and wave free

Since I like 4IH and have seen enough poorly dressed individuals go the b) route the it's really turned me off that option, I generally go c). Whether I go ci or cii sort of depends on whim. But since the narrow blade doesn't bother me in the slightest and the moderate insouciance appeals to me, I go (c) with few exceptions.

Of course, I prefer ties of a length where this isn't an issue at all. But it's so little an issue, the preference isn't strong enough to forego purchasing a tie that's a tad long.
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SVB breaking all the rules!
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Light/medium gray below with tan suede shoes.


Love this look. Who makes the jacket?

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Thanks! It's Brooks Bros.
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I'm not sure about your reasoning on why this would fill a need that isn't being met by standard options. Seems almost like you are trying to justify it as the solution to a problem that doesn't exist. A black tie mood where no one wears a tux but a black suit is too grave? I'm not sure I can picture what situation you are talking about. Whatever the case, it is decidedly not a stroller how you are wearing it now. If you like it then go with it, but the justifications for it make no sense to me.



Originally Posted by Isolation View Post
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Hey guys can I get some opinions on this?

no this is not a troll. I was going to assemble a stroller and tried this combo on and ended up liking it a lot. A modern fashion forward stroller, using traditional cuts and details perhaps? No? I kinda like it though I imagine most won't.

Obviously I can still wear this as a black suit or stroller (I have the waistcoat just need stripe trousers), so it's no big deal, but I really like this. I imagine it's suitable for situations where a black tie mood is present, but nobody wears a tux, and a black suit looks too grave. It's the correct formality (most wear suits or odd jackets) but incorporate the visual aspects that make (semi) formalwear perfect for those occasions (galas, opera, art gallery openings? That kinda thing).

The shirts use black mop so it looks a bit like tux studs. But the outfit looks clearly not trying to be a tux, just uses similar aesthetics. Could wear a bowtie too but I think might be too try hard for that reasons, could look too faux-black tie.


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I don't believe the only reason something looks good is tradition/canon. There are plenty of situations where black tie would look good, but the social connotations of it is such that it'd come across poorly. It shouldn't be hard to explain how people would react much more strangely to a tux than what is a black lounge with odd trousers. The problem is the latter "looks bad", like you lost your trousers or whatever, but that doesn't have to be the case, and there's historic precedence of the black lounge worn with odd trousers, that looked good. I don't want to adopt that mode entirely because it uses things that look too out of place (formal trousers, waistcoat), but I can duplicate the effect I feel with items that are worn in the modern day, but which ARE traditional, and traditionally styled and cut as well.

And yes it's a justification; it's my attempt to make use of a kind of outfit I like, give it place in my repertoire. I think that's reasonable. We can't always wear things that appeal to us, but it's not wrong I think to try find appropriate ways to do so.

Certainly I doubt I'll run into anyone who's annoyed by my breaking of dress norms. But I'm curious if people thinks it looks bad. I am trying to not rely on my eye alone, but use historical precedence to find combinations that have traditional roots and have worked in the past for people who dressed well. It doesn't have to catch on, it just has to look reasonably appropriate, and look good. Does to me, but I like black suits abd jackets and I know most here don't.
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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

@Hal Freeman, you seem to have a decent sense of style so I would concentrate on getting an improved fit from your clothes. The lumpy shoulders, shoulder divots, and tight waist throw off the look of the jacket, as well as the tightness in the thighs of your trousers. You seem like a fairly broad chested, athletic, guy so going with less structure in the jacket might not be a bad idea. Think something like @VictorSFreturn would do...



Also, you might want to get your suit pressed, it's wrinkled as hell.

Good day sir,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for the advice and the kind words. I had never thought that a less structured fit would be OK (considering that I am fairly short [ 1.73m or 5'8] I always thought that trimming the excess fabric would work in my favour, but I will try to see if my tailor can give me a more less structured look next time around. That is something I am actually keen on seeing on myself. Perhaps it will be a better look. Hmm that is a very good example as well, will take that into account. Also, I concur. I really should have given it a good press that day.

With many thanks,


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I'm sure my experience is not unique, but I've made a lot of expensive mistakes over the past year or so. It's depressing to think about how much I've bought that has either since been recycled or simply thrown away for one reason or another. Out of the stuff I've bought over that period, this is the only suit I intend to keep. It's staying despite its, uh, shortcomings.


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Good day gentlemen,

Haven't had a lot of time for the past few days to take a picture, but I was able to take one snapshot before I had to leave for a school project meeting. Jacket is a deep Navy (my phone cam does no justice to the jacket's colour..hopefully one day I will get a better camera) Tried to go for a school uniform type of look (reminiscent of my High School and Primary School days..), sadly my pocket square had sunken into my breast pocket and I had no idea only after the photo. Not the best of quality, I know; and I do apologise, but I hope you lot like it.



With many thanks,


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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post










Classic double breast sir.

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