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Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

New Friday ChallengeWear a BD collar 

Just give it to @Braddock and be done with it lol

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Monday.  Seersucker.  Pink linen shirt from Spier and Mackay.  Tie is navy.  





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Spier & Mackay
Exquisite Trimmings
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Trying to do two things: wear a tie more often, and post more regularly. Gren day today.

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A new jacket prompted a first post in this thread. Apologies for a dark photo and camera (phone) angle that shortens my legs (already a little short at 30" on a 6' frame).

Anyway, Chester Barrie herringbone cashmere jacket, TM Lewin shirt, Drakes silk knit tie, Austin Reed charcoal grey trousers and Barker shoes. A chilly summer day in South Yorkshire.

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Today, tonal and low-contrast.




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Suitsupply, Tyrwhitt, tie & ps from @Poszetka
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A rhapsody of blue with rumpled unlined cotton with a linen/silk tie worn casually for a wedding back in April/May..


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Back to the office, back to a suit . . .

Suit & shirt - BB
Tie - vintage (Banbury Cross, a small menswear shop long since gone, made by Reis of New Haven, also defunct, I assume)
PS - Ashear
Shoes - New & Lingwood

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Sportcoat - Belvest

Tie - Sam Hober

Shirt - Barba Napoli

Pants - Panta (Solaro)

Boots - Buday

Pocket Square- Exquisite Trimmings.


Orange bag in back.....  not mine!!



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What with Brexit trashing the UK Pound, I picked up another hat from Bates. Because, really, global economics is all about me.



And a watch to match the hat...


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Jacket: Brooks Brothers

Shirt: Proper Cloth

Tie: Brooks Brothers

Square: Drake's

Trousers: Hemrajani

Shoes: Crockett & Jones

Hat: Navy-blue Sisal Trilby by Bates


And I think I'm getting better at the "StyFo stare into space" pose :)

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Quote: I for one approve. Great look!
Originally Posted by SpitShine View Post

Long time no post, but I wore a new DB jacket to my girlfriend's graduation today, I hope you all approve.

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X-post from AAS' Friday Challenge to wear a BD collar. At first I was like, "maannnnn do I really have to button these extra two buttons? I have a lot to do in the morning." But then I remembered trying on some Ambrosi RTW trousers in Japan and those had like 38 buttons, some of which appeared to be entirely non-functional, so I figure some of you have it worse.

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Recently. Feel the shantung. (tie looks a bit funky under the collar)

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