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Earlier in the week I wore my oldest linen piece, a Kenzo Homme heavy linen part-lined blazer from the mid-90s with my newest, an Italian linen and cotton PS from TM Lewin.







Other stuff:

Trousers - bespoke in Huddersfield worsted cloth

OCBD - Polo RL

Tie - Balmain

Braces - Albert Thurston for TM Lewin

Shoes - Loake Kew in chestnut

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Haspel seersucker jacket
Kamakura shirt
Vintage J Crew tie
BB Irish linen trousers
BB repp #1 ribbon belt
AE shoes
Ray Ban sunglasses
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... and this is what I am wearing today.



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Dreary day in Michigan, tried to stay bright.

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@Spandexter is that tie a Hober?

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An other day in the treadmill...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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Taking advantage of an unusually cool day to wear this Donegal tweed. It's probably overkill, but I doubt there'll be another chance before next winter.



Textures and details (Click to show)

Jacket: Steed from custom Molloy Donegal Tweed

Shirt: Proper Cloth

Tie: Massdrop x Panta

Square: Put This On

Trousers: Hemrajani

Shoes: Carmina


Probably the last time out for this Massdrop x Panta tie. It too closely resembles a piece of string for my liking. It's a shame as the color and design are very useful.

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Originally Posted by zr3rs View Post


You need a long size. That jacket is at least 4 cm too short. You can get away with it because of your slim figure and an otherwise decent fit, but for future purchases I would strongly advise you to look for longer jackets. You have relatively short arms, so the sleeves  will have to be shortened (which is a pain with SuSu real buttonholes). I have similar problems and things are similarly difficult for me because nobody in Central Europe is stocking long sizes anymore (though in Northern Europe it should not be that bad, I saw some in Hamburg or Stockholm, for example). But apart from SuSu these are typically from the more expensive makers. You might want to look out for Canali or Corneliani in long sizes.


I have completely switched to MTM, but good MTM is (relatively) expensive. I have not been satisfied with the cut of Munro/SuSu MTM. I use online MTM for shirts (Belisario), but would not trust online MTM for jackets. I have used Orazio Luciano (measured at trunk show) with very good results and I am currently working with Regent Handtailored in Germany for suits. Being in close contact with the latter provides the opportunity to fine-tune fit (and partially style) to near bespoke level.

Wow! Spot on, great advice!!!

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Originally Posted by Luger View Post


Today (yes I didn't iron my shirt collar)

Sorry for the quality of the photos. biggrin.gif

"BatMan"... :paranoia: Where's the Joker!






I Like!

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Originally Posted by Mr Knightley View Post

Gents, thanks for your votes in the last FC - the Bow.



That is a Nice Bow.

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Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post

CBD today



Full shot, portrait and shoes (Click to show)






Power suit and tie. You must have totally dominated the workplace today. :fonz:

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Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

Today's tie is an example of a "challenging" article of clothing - its color demands a lot of attention, and it's a challenge to counterbalance it with the rest of an outfit. Let's see if I did OK with it, with this Anglo-French alliance of accessories.

Suit - Paul Stuart
Shirt - Tyrwhitt
Tie - Charvet
Braces - Lewin
Cufflinks - M P Levene, London
PS - Alain Figaret
Shoes - Septieme Largeur, Paris

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Oh yeah, this hits all the right points, especially the Double-breasted jacket and forward pleats. Really nice.

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