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Last days.

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This evening is the Garden Party at the Frick Museum, a once-a-year event for which the museum opens its gardens to the attendees (they are otherwise off limits to all save the gardeners). It's always a colorful event, hence the eye-popping, less-than-conventional color scheme adopted today. If nothing else, it will give the other partygoers something about which to talk.

Suit - Ede & Ravenscroft
Shirt - BB
Tie - Canali
Waistcoat - Favourbrook, London
Braces - Paul Stuart
PS - no name brand
Cufflinks - New & Lingwood, London
Shoes - Paul Stuart

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Fit issues aside, I actually really like this.



Originally Posted by blekit View Post

Linen day. And there is definitely some love for the Madras even on this side of the pond.
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* PRL jacket
* Mango Man shirt
* Benevento pants
* Sebago boat shoes
* Seiko watch




Feedback as always appreciated.


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Lunch date today with the lovely Mrs. TheoProf.
Brooks Brothers linen/cotton jacket
S&M chambray shirt
Neiman Marcus back knit tie
LE chinos
AE belt and shoes
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Terribly fitting garments all around, I'm afraid. Not a fan of that shirt with that jacket and tie either.

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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post


Very Mad Men. Simple and very effective.

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Epaulet X Southwick jacket
Borrelli shirt
Drakes for LuxeSwap tie
Drakes Mughal square
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Yo folks.



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@DonCologne, I really like that tie. Nice outfit!

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New shantung tie. Light was bad because of the rain this morning: shirt is actually sky blue with very small stripes.





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Charles Tyrwhitt
Howard's Paris
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Suitsupply product appear fairly often in posts in this group.  Last Thursday, a Suitsupply Pop-Up store popped up at 1136 Abbot Kinney in Venice CA. I popped in there earlier today.

The Pop-Up store will be open for ten months.  I met Travis Pranger, the Made to Measure Specialist at the store, who took this picture of me standing next to a Havana P4813I cotton and linen suit.  I am wearing a Brooks Brothers jacket, OCBD shirt, and tie, Lyle & Scott fairisle vest, Robert Talbott pocket square, Orvis trousers, and Allen-Edmonds shoes.

He also answered all my questions about fit and other things, so now if I don't get back to the Pop-Up store before it poops out, I will be able to order from the Suitsupply website without wondering if things will fit.

All the Suitsupply product looks much better in person than it does on the website (or in anyone's pictures).

Today's part of a person (with a cookie) close-up picture........

...that was taken by the counterperson at the Rockenwagner Bakery, which is across the street from the Suitsupply Pop-Up store.  For those who are wondering, it's an iced ginger molasses cookie which was $2.50 (a good value for cookies around here) and I really liked it. (The monogramed bag with my initial on it made the cookie even more special.)

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Originally Posted by dalevy View Post

Ha. 1) No one outside of this thread is going to care :). 


2) This is not a normal seersucker, it's navy, so it's going to be doubly hard to notice. And it's going to look more like a blazer than an old timey suit (where maybe something like a more formal flap may be more appropriate).


3) and yes, i agree with the above. just pick a style and own it.:)



Originally Posted by ericgereghty View Post

NOBODY in real life will care. You could go besom (jetted) and you'd still be fine.

I prefer patch, but flaps will be perfectly acceptable.

Thank you to all posters who opined on my navy seersucker suit hip pocket choice. All opinions were very helpful.


I wound up going with patch hip pockets.



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