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Originally Posted by Andy57 View Post

Same cloth?

W bill linen.
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Originally Posted by lordsuperb View Post

W bill linen.

Nice! I look forward to seeing the finished suit.

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

F/W Garry is the best Garry.


F/W is my favourite period of the year by far!

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Panta jacket on maiden voyage (shirt sleeves caught the lining on the sleeves of the jacket. My fault)
Panta twill trousers
Vass boots via NMWA on maiden voyage
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The color of that Panta jacket just looks great!

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Damn Justin, beautiful jacket
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Browns and greens today..


No time for a full body shot though. Suede brogues and olive chinos complete the look

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* Suitsupply
* Tyrwhitt
* six fold, grenadine grossa tie by Embassy of Elegance
* pocketsquare by @Poszetka
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Some looks from the past couple of days...












Originally Posted by Pliny View Post
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nice Andres-  What shoos r they?   they look a lot like a crazy pair of Vass U-last u- cap Oxfords in red cognac i had made and have rarely worn.  look great on u in a Dandy sort of way.


Dennis Walter-  styling as usual.  Not my taste but u do it well.


Thnx, @Pliny!


Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post
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Some fascinating entries on the previous page.


@AlexRamius , you have a strong personal style which references what I would call a "Northern European" aesthetic - not really SF-friendly, not quite Pitti Uomo either. But I like what you're doing. Keep'em coming!


@deacon-hh , this is one of the better fits I've seen from you. Not adventurous, but well thought out, and faultless in its attention to detail. Well done.


@Pliny , I just wish we could one day be treated to a VictorSFreturn-quality photoessay of one of your fits. Thumb-count records would be broken.


@Dennis Walter , adventurous combinations as always. Pink with brown doesn't quite do it for me. The second fit is so close to perfection though. Just the socks threw it off. But fantastic anyway. Do you ever wear a suit twice?

Thnx, @Coxsackie - Cox, glad to hear your opinion. What´s it with the socks that you didn´t like? For your second question: yes i do, i just have an extended rotation ;-)


Originally Posted by Sander View Post
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The shirt in itself I wouödn't wear, the microstructure is just too busy. Pink can look great, but only a fresh, clear pink imo.
Suits are from sosr I suppose?
Very basic, very nice. Only personal nitpick: I know many people say you can wear a white square with everything and of course you can; personally, I wear them only if some part of my shirt is also white (like in a white/light blue stripe). Otherwise, the square sometimes stands out too much as the only stark white item. Edit: hm, your shirt has just that. Hm. The square still stands out too much I think.



Yes, @Sander, SOSR it is, both of them. 


Originally Posted by CJMichaelRay View Post

I feel like the tobacco jacket is really long.


@CJMichaelRay, i was thinking the same - it certainly is bordering on "too long". Have not yet made up my mind entirely - i´ll probably have it shortened by 2 cm...

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Yellow Hook Chambray Shirt
Yellow Hook Linen and Silk Six Fold
Epaulet Trousers
Ercole Sport Jacket
Carmina x Epaulet Shoes
Drakes x Luxe Swap Pocket Square

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Black shoes and brown tie?
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Digging into the archives again, and violating the old dictum that "blue and green should never be seen".

Suit, shirt, & tie - Tyrwhitt
Cufflinks - The London Badge & Button Co.
PS - no name brand
Shoes - Septieme Largeur

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@Dennis Walter: first one is very good.

Me yesterday:

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