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Originally Posted by PCK1 View Post

big clash of tie and pocket square. doesn't work for me.


Same here, @sugarbutch. A darker ps would have been the better choice. 


Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

From the earlier Friday Challenge.

Kent Wang

And a poorly lit what I wore today:

Kent Wang


Awesome looks, @Claghorn. Not a thing i would change here...


Still undecided whether to join this friday´s challenge...i can only dress to meet the requirements on sunday. @Murlsquirl, would i still be admitted, then? 




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Yesterday I was up and about early on a misty, murky morning to host an event in London:

Waiting for the 'guests' to arrive:


And on this particular week it seemed appropriate to wear my T&A Please Please Me PS:

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Nice tie @Mr Knightley, where did you find it?
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@Braddock nice looks and I love your PSS

@Tom Miler very nice and luxurious. That coat is everything
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Originally Posted by Anden View Post

Second try in the Friday Challenge.

Simonesque fit.
Suit Boglioli Dover in green flannel.
Tie Drake's wool
PS -vintage 1920-1930's. Belonged to the grandpa of a dear friend.
Shirt - Kamakura
Fluffy cashmere scarf 
Tassels by C&J 

Please never tuck in your scarf like that again.
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Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

Guys... I think you are being too hard on @Mynjorn. Ok, so maybe he doesn't look like the standard SF CM snooze-fest, but at least he's being an individual! He has the daring to look different and to try something that most people wouldn't be caught dead in. True, the tie is sub-optimal. If I were him I'd have gone for a full leather tie like this...



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



That's a minor detail, however. The shirt collar being slightly too large gives him a relaxed casual appearance which tones down the formality of the rest of his fit. The couch fabric waistcoat shows how playfully he is reacting to tones and patterns, despite the rather muted color scheme. My favorite part is the overcoat. It has a boxy, avant garde, look which offers a nice contrast to the roundness of his head. Each element looks carefully chosen to create the appearance of a coherent whole. Remove any item and the look completely falls apart. Keep them all as they are and it is a symphony of creativity, restrained elegance, and playful sartorial mastery.


Honestly, "good taste" is boring and you all know it. He is quite right that rules are meant to be broken. I'd say not only broken, but trampled, spat upon, and dragged into some fast flowing river to be swept out to sea never to be seen again.

Cher monsieur,


I've just finished reading your charming and flattening comments.I would like to state however that it strikes fear the idea  that I might be in some man's "leathery fantasies".

I think you are impressed by Versailles  (a thing you might confuse with a wing of a Disneyland theme park) and it's Louis XIV style couches and from there the couch like analogy.

It's also wonderful that men can talk now to birds in this technology era.

However I would advise you to be careful manipulate that sodium hydroxide as it might backfire.


Sincerely yours

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Originally Posted by DiplomaticTies View Post

Where in Europe did you live where this was a traditional outfit? Transylvania?

It is true that it's an old world look to some extent, the problem for me is that it's a uniform old world look. Something you could expect from a waiter or a concierge in the 20s or 30s. Still, nice to see something original and I do believe that shiny vests can work in specific circumstances. The biggest problem is the tie. A solid tie in say burgundy would have made it more interesting.

Okay, I made a non-specific and somewhat unsupportable comment. The vest reminded me of German Alpine lodge wear only not in hunter green. Ensemble did have a "wait staff" look (especially the tie) to it but he is bold to post that look here. I hear Transylvania is nice this time of year....
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This corrects all the problems I thought Murl had with his striped shirt/medallion tie from previously. Stripes are thin enough not to clash with tie.



Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Kent Wang
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A fit for the Friday Challenge

Sports jacket, waistcoat, shirt, and jeans - BB
PS - Drake's, via the Armoury
Boots - Paul Stuart

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I think the ps is just getting raptured.
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Including rollneck as the casual item of this outfit for the FC...







Suit, PS and coat by SuSu

Shoes from Septième Largeur were shined at Talon Rouge, Paris.

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Originally Posted by Mynjorn View Post

Like the tie.



Originally Posted by DandySF View Post

I trust you're enjoying a winter vacation in a warm climate, perhaps the Caribbean, rather than wearing this at home in Ohio.


Thanks Mynjorn! It's one of my favorites.


DandySF, it was a combination of unseasonably warm weather and being stuck inside doing dissertation research with no classes to teach. Our spring break was this week. 

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But why does the spring hesitate? 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







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He has navy pants on @Caustic Man
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