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Thanks for the kind words and the thumbs guys! I've learned much I didn't already know about the tension between "guidelines" and personal style through your posts over the last couple of years. Much respect. Thanks for the welcome! Cheers.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I wear a blazer more often than not it seems, but I wanted the casualness today. Seeing what the cubism exhibition at the Denver Art Museum has to offer.

antique MOP cufflinks a friend gave to me
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Very nice @mannix. That tie is succulent.
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All that talk about odd trousers/seasonality/fabrics was enlightening - cheers fellas!


Buying well-fitting trousers OTR is difficult for me (small waist, big legs), so I usually stick to MTM. I have some good ideas now and what my next pairs should be.

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Yesterday was here and wore this for dinner

Rubinacci, Rubinacci, Wentworth nod[1].gif
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X-post from the FC.


Rainy day in Basel. Very much a country outfit even if I am in the middle of town, but my excuse is that I was there on vacation!


Tweed jacket: Purdey

Shirt: Emma Willis

Tie & PS: Vanda

Pants: Bladen

Boots: Red Wings

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Rubinacci tie
Lardini jacket
Mazzarelli shirt
Pt01 flanel trousers
JLP chapel shoes

Edit: what PS is suited for this outfit ?
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Saturday evening out. New eBay purchase a purple grey and black houndstooth jacket with navy jumper. Have a good weekend folks!
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Originally Posted by pravda View Post

Very nice @mannix. That tie is succulent.

Thanks much! The weave is very interesting--there are pink and blue yarns used that are only noticeable when you look at the tie in a certain way and in certain light. It's very neat.
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Need to let this one out a bit as well

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Ring, Luxire, Vanda, Eidos, Vass
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I don't know if you've gained a bit of weight, but if not, you're realizing one of the benefits (or curses) of posting full pictures: the ability to perfect fit/spot issues
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Absolutely love your shirt collar. If the Stiff Roma from Proper Cloth fits me and my jacket as well as your collar does, I'll be ecstatic.
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