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Originally Posted by Roycru View Post

Regular readers of this thread might have noticed that from time to time some people (often those who never post pictures of themselves) have made bizarre comments about the socks that the people who do post pictures of themselves are wearing.

Here's an interesting theory about socks.....


....after reading the article, I decided to post this picture (not from today....it was around 90F here today).


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


For those who might ask about the details, Brooks Brothers corduroy jacket (that I got in the seventies), blue OCBD shirt, tie, and BB#1 stripe socks, Ralph Lauren Rugby pocket square, Ralph Lauren Polo Golf Fair Isle sweater vest, Orvis trousers, and Florsheim shoes.

Great picture and story.  I would add that those same people often extend their bizarre comments to cover other aspects of an outfit...


So, what socks do you wear, if any when it is 90F?

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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

This, but also, the shirt looks to be in a very country gingham (at least that's what it looks like on my iPhone screen). The suit is a clear "city" suit. I do t normally care as much about these things as other people here do, but those items are so clearly polar opposites.


Originally Posted by Dennis Walter View Post


The shirt says "country", while the suit says "city" - hence, it´s incongruent. Would have gone (as @Caustic Man has already suggested) with a plain white / or light blue shirt, a bengal would have worked to, given it had broader stripes. Rest is nice, though. 


Thank you both. It's a tricky shirt for me – the wide collar and extremely smooth poplin steered me into thinking it would work in this context, but I think if I had looked at it from this point of view, I would have thought better of it.


I think the problem I'm running into is that everything I know about dressing in practice is basically country clothes, since I've dressed that way for years. Now that I'm trying to dress more formally – without taking things back to the absolute basics – I've lost my way a bit. It doesn't help that I've built a wardrobe focused on a slightly lower level of formality/urbanity than I'm starting to wear.


So I appreciate all the feedback. It's a slightly tricky process.

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Originally Posted by deacon-hh View Post
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by deacon-hh View Post






Very nice! what was the cloth used for this suit? 

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I also noticed that I, awkwardly enough, wrote "gingham" where I obviously meant to write tattersall. shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Sander View Post

Flawless. I'm a fan.
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Some weeks ago in Macclesfield.


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@Mr Knightley  asked if I wear socks when it's 90F.  The answer is yes, here's a picture (wearing socks) on a day a few months ago when it was around 110F.

The problem with all the bizarre comments (often made by people who never post pictures of themselves) is that the bizarre comments sometime discourage people from posting pictures of themselves.  I like seeing what people all over the world are wearing but when you compare the total number of people on Earth to the number of people who post pictures here, it's only a tiny percentage of the Earth's total population, so I don't like to see anyone get discouraged from posting pictures.

It's also hard to understand why some people make bizarre comments about the pictures.  Everyone has a different size screen, has different settings on their devices, and some people are colorblind, so the pictures never look like the actual person.

I used to work for The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.  The pictures in the catalogs (taken by the best photographers with the best equipment and lighting) never looked as good as the actual items in the exhibits.  This was even more so with three dimensional items, like fashion or sculpture.

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@Mr. Six what's the fabric used there?

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Lanifio Drago birdseye.

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Another Formosa, I'm guessing? Looks great.

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Tribute to Roycru, an inspiration. 








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I've just received my first Teba jacket, so I try it on what I was wearing today :




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My one Italian suit. Totally unconstructed from Sartoria Partenopea. Marquess imitation brogues.
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Beautiful SC! What is the watch and is the band blue or black?
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