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Originally Posted by Testudo_Aubreii View Post

I don't recall saying there was a sin. When I say, "shouldn't," I mean "shouldn't if you want to be excellently dressed." I am talking about principles for excellent dressing, not principles for non-ugly dressing. It's a question of what is excellent and what non-excellent, not a question of what is acceptable and what sinful. I haven't yet accused anyone of ugly/sinful dress. SF has changed since I joined. I find it strange that a lot of people here now seem to think there's firm rules for what's acceptable, and so long as you follow those, then whatever floats your boat, bruh! In the real world, there are many waystations between the ugly and the excellent. It's like the difference between Vass and Allen Edmonds. Both make good shoes of honest quality. But no one who knows anything about shoes would say that AE's shoes are as good as Vass's.

There is no such thing as principles for excellent dressing, there are only principles for good dressing. Excellence is beyond rules and principles.
Like if you have some talent and go to good painting academy, you will learn principles and become good painter. You can learn and practice principles as much as you want, you might never become excellent, as in one of the great painters we all admire. And some of those actually found excellence by breaking rules.
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Originally Posted by colco View Post

you did the other attendees a kindness covering most of that tie with a vest (or waistcoat, if you are either British, or just felling smarmy).

I believe pravda is a murrican

can't speak about the mwink[1].gif part...
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Originally Posted by Principle View Post


I can see how there is a nuanced difference between the statement and the look, I simply find that the wider leg pants (that I've had tailored to my proportions, etc) have not flattered my figure and simply don't get worn as frequently. 


In response to other comments, I'm realizing that the shirt cuff is too long, I noticed it when I was out the previous night. Perhaps to my advantage, this is a new shirt, so I'm expecting the cuffs to shrink slightly in the near future wash.


The trousers are navy and are slight shade off from the jacket, I think my lights were simply poorly positioned (pointing at the barrel of my chest only). In any case I appreciate the input, I hope to post more photography as I build my wardrobe. 

I find I have to do proportions in a holistic way – trousers in concert with the lines of the jacket and shape of the shoes, that kinda thing. I also want my tailored clothing's shape to have as much to do with the drape of the fabric as it does with the shape of my body – trousers as fitted as yours are end up shaped more like your legs than anything else.


Shirt should tighten up nicely after a wash or two. I like that pattern a lot – if it were in my wardrobe, I'd steal Koala-T's last post and try it with a knit tie.


Hard (bordering on impossible) to get a dark gray jacket and dark navy trousers to look balanced, especially when the jacket is in a  suiting. The effect ends up being a bit like a guy traveling on business trying to eke a smart casual rig out of his gray and blue suits. Tough to get any effect other than that from a gray suit jacket, honestly.

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Originally Posted by DandySF View Post

I've discovered grey jackets.

Eidos jacket
Loro Piana trousers
My Tailor (Hemrajani) shirt
Brooks Brothers tie

The Eidos jacket is brilliant.
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What I wore for my 2 year old nephew's birthday






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double post cancelled

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Something a bit different today.

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Well, looking over the past few pages I am glad to see so many members still contributing to this thread! I hardly think anyone would remember me, but, I attempted to be a regular contributor to and learner in this thread about 2 years ago. I took 2 years off working in a professional setting to gather data for my dissertation, write it, and defend it and took a job in data collection for a fellow researcher, strictly casual. Thankfully, I am employed in a professional setting again and can reap the reward of dressing how I prefer to most days. Sorry for the poor quality, I just snapped this in the hopes I would have the time to post it. From Friday, Polo jacket (dark blue glen plaid) , howard yount trousers, and a purple and green madder tie (will post close ups in the future of shirt/tie/jacket combos. Photo is a bit fish eyed, so perspective may be off! (i.e. sleeves on the jacket are fine in real life, pants look a big wider in the thigh) Look forward to interacting with old and new faces here and contributing to a seminal thread in my development as a professional, dressing well has actually helped me stand out in my field and I owe it you gentlemen!

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Congratulations on finishing and defending your dissertation.

At first I thought you were wearing a suit. This is never good if you aren't, in fact, wearing a suit. I'd look to wear lighter pants with that jacket next time.
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Good call, to be fair the jacket is much brighter in better lighting and the pants are charcoal grey, but, I can see medium grey or light grey being a better fit in terms of color. Thanks for the feedback and yes, I am glad I am over with that part of my life.
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Welcome back, Citan!
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Originally Posted by Testudo_Aubreii View Post

@Andy57: When you look at a sleek shoe from the toe, your eye is naturally drawn back along the vamp across the quarters and toward the heel counter. Whether or not the eye also notes the shoe's perpendicular axis depends on whether there is something to attract it outwards in both directions---thus "centrifugal." The seam of a toe cap naturally does this, since it's a perpendicular line. But if you have a very sleek-seamed wingtip, like an austerity, there's very little to suggest perpendicular volume. Suede gives a shoe more perpendicular volume than smooth calf, because it has nap.


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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Welcome back, Citan!

Thank you, SB! Glad to see you are still posting!
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Very behind, but here's a few fits from this month.  I caught up a bit during the snow storm.  
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It's funny how some come on here just to critique other people's fits but never post any of their own. Just my 2 cents, of course. Cheers!

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